The Ridiculous 6

This is a Netflix movie that came out a little while ago, I want to say around the same time as The Hateful 8. Though I neglected in watching it for thinking it was a spoof off of that movie and couldn’t be near as good. You see I’m not a big fan of spoofs as you might guess. Yet while running through the regular issue of trying to find something good to watch on Netflix I thought I would give this a chance.

The movie wasn’t that bad. In fact it was a little bit good. There wasn’t any dull parts in the movie and it was filled with bunches of corny and cheesy scenes that were great.

The story plot it self was kind of lame and could have been made up by a 10 year old writing a story for his english class. Yet even though the plot was bad the actual scenes made up for it being hilarious and creative. In comparison to A Million Ways to Die in the West this was about the same in overall quality but different in style.

Probably my favorite addition of this movie was how many cast members they brought into it. And the best part was they each did a good job in performance.

Don’t neglect watching this Netflix winner just because it’s the 10,000th Adam Sandler movie on there by now.



The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman may have gotten the hype as one of the greatest movies out in theaters. But after I had given it a watch with no expectations or bias going into it I would say that it is no better than average. I do have to say I did want to see it but only because it had Hugh Jackman in it with him being one of my more favored actors.

I did not expect this movie to be a musical, not that I don’t like musicals but I’m usually more picky about them. It takes a lot more to make a good movie that’s a musical than a regular movie, I think. The songs were decent and the dancing was not as good as the songs but none of it was that impressive. I can’t even remember one of the songs and how it goes, that’s never a good sign for a musical.

The story as a whole was good and it had a good story of a man making something of himself from the ground up, falling to pride and being humbled, then coming back to what his original dream was in the first place. I did expect a little more from the circus crew, they were kind of bland in being what they were meant to be, that is exotic, but at the same time I can see how it can be difficult to get real crazy with it.

I think some people will like this movie like my friend did, who saw it three times in theater, once back to back and bought the sound track. Then there are those like me who won’t as much. According most the top critics they would have made the former group. For once I can say I was more along the lines of Rotten Tomatoes.

Favorite quote: “You don’t need every body to love you, just a few good people.” -Charity Barnum


New Years Eve

My girl friend and I decided to watch this movie on account that it was New Year’s Eve. I had never seen this movie fully before but had only seen parts. It was probably because it was a difficult movie I get into and to follow despite how appealing it looked with its advertisements and the extravagant cast it held. Nevertheless what better time to watch it than on the night which the movie is all about.

There is so many different story’s going on in this film and the story jumps back and forth from one to another. There are many great actors and actresses that all play an important yet equal role in this film and the the movie progresses there is even more surprise stars. Yet none of them really go into any depth on there parts and each story is really shallow in substance. I guess they were trying to go for the sum of the parts makes the movie what it is, but I think it sadly failed here.

Each of the main characters is either in some sort of stressful position or strained relationship or trying to reach to attain something. The point is no body is really at peace on this day and they are trying to make the best out of it before it ends.

Most the characters played by my favorite actors turned out to be less than what I expected out of them in terms of the face they made out of themselves in previous roles. And despite the movie being more boring than watching grass grow It did a have a minor come back in the end. All the little separate story’s came together in some odd fashion and most every body got a happy ending.

This movie could be a New Year’s Eve tradition for some who are looking to start one. It was a neat night for me and my girl. To make this movie even more special is to time it just right to where the ball drops at midnight at the same time it does in the movie. That’s what we did and it was pretty cool.

Happy New Years y’all!


Sleepy Hollow (1999)

sleepy hollow

I never read the book for sleepy hollow and waited thus long to watch the 1999 mystery film. I don’t know what sparked my interest in it this late but I felt lead to watch it. It might have been because it was a Johny Depp Film or directed by Tim Burton or because it was in my to watch list on Netflix. No matter trying to figure out the reason, lets just say it was a mystery ;).

Based on the book I would imagine by Washington Erving this movie features a classic seen shot in 1799. in a place not to far from network called sleepy hollow. Johny Depp plays the investigator who knows better than to just glance at recent death that has and unknown cause and say it is an accident. He ready to put to the test modern day science and forensic techniques to the test solve the questionable deaths nobody els will.

Not surprising to the audience but to Johny Depp the Murders in sleepy hollow are more that what he expected let alone dreamed of. The story keeps the watcher unsure if these murders are caused by the physical world or something beyond what the eye can see.

Mixed into the movie you have some witch craft, pretty ladies or lady I might correct my self, Men with Wigs, and the eerie ghostly little town of sleepy hollow. This town I might add I quite enjoyed as it was beautiful yet made you feel like something was going to pop out and get you behind every dark corner.

Johny’s Investigation skills are top notch and quite impressive making the movie just that much more amusing. They also did a great job in not letting the audience figure out to early the mystery behind sleepy hollow. Now what was cheesy and Im going to give this some merry being as old as this movie was was the scary effects. Lets just say man have they came a long way in what they now consider frighting.

This movie is nothing to jump off your bum and go run to the movies about and don’t bother it not in the movies anyways. But give it up for something different will yah.


Sand Lot


This is the first see it again review I am doing. I don’t usually watch movies a second time but I watched this one at a pool party with a projector playing the movie on a giant sheet.  First time seeing the movie in this type of environment an as a lot older I might add.

I had forgotten a lot of the little extra scenes they added in there besides the ordeal with the Babe Ruth ball and the gnarly dog. There was actually more to the movie than what I could remember as well as being longer than I thought it was.

What cracked me up most was all the little silly names and words we use to use back in those days and what people thought was offensive to use in dissing matches. The characters were a hoot in reminding me just how it use to be back in the day as I would often take on much of what they did in say in my own childhood.

Some of the things I noticed in this that I had dent noticed before was the decade it was set in. I guess you really don’t pay attention to those types of things as a kid. All the extra talk that is in the background that actually makes a lot of since but the shot is focused on something completely different. How fake and big the dog looks right up until the chase scene.

Some actors in this movie that I didn’t quite pay attention to or know about at the time where in this movie that have really made it the acting business are Marley Shelton and Denis Leary. Marley Shelton has played in many of my favorite Movies including Planet Terror and Death Proof. Denis Leary you will probably know from the series Rescue Me and The Amazing Spider – Man. I Love it when you recognize actors from old films, don’t you? 🙂

The ending of this movie is quite sad and makes me depressed to even watch it again. This is probably one of the reasons I don’t choose to watch this movie. Who wants to be left feeling empty and alone as this movie will make you feel. Any ways it was decent and it brings back memories. This movie gets a Six out of Ten. 

Rating: 6/10

Rogue One

rogue one

The anticipation to see this movie was exhilarating being that it had been the only Star Wars film that I had yet to see. Also that I would be watching it at an outdoor theater sitting in the grass under the night sky. Unfortunately the lightning bugs and the kids swirling and tossing glow sticks was more of light show than I ended up getting from this moderate to disappointing side story.

At first I didn’t know it was a side story or that it would be missing most all the characters we love about the Star Wars series. But about 45 minutes in, it became obvious that this wasn’t your typical Star Wars movie.

The beginning was hard to follow and I didn’t understand where the characters came from and what they were trying to accomplish, besides the main goal of stoping the Death Star . There was no beginning rolling story introduction giving us the gist of the plot or the usual introduction music that every body knows and loves. I mean did they really have to do away with all the unique parts that make Star Wars what it is.

Never the less of not using the original characters, the characters were good. There is Jyn who plays the lead character, the brave hero who can hold her own and wants to save the galaxy. Cassian, her main companion and partner in the mission; not surprisingly they end up having feeling for one another. And another one of my favorites Chirrut, who is very funny. He plays the blind old man who believes that he has the force and fights along side them blind as bat. Then there is the Robot K-2SO, without him this movie would lose a lot of its personality. I think he ranks top on the Star Wars Robots thus far.

The progression of the movie was fine and flowed nicely but it did not have me drawn in to where I was afraid I was going to miss something worth seeing. Especially the whole first half there was just not much going, and I was starting to wonder is this really what Star Wars has become. Thankfully during the last half of the film things had gotten good.

Okay so this is my biggest hang up with this movie, there are absolutely no light sabers or Jetties. Well not absolutely but it seems that way till the very very end and even at that, 20 seconds of light saber time just does not cut it. I don’t know about you, but the whole reason I watch Star Wars is to see the Jetties wield those awesome glowing swords around and use the force to pretty much do what ever they want. This was a big no no. I don’t care if they quoted in the film or not ” There are no Jetties left” or something to that extent.

This movie has a pretty good ending and there are some surprise guests from a few of the characters we remember from Episode IV. Princes Leia’s brief appearance actually fooled me as I thought they got a double for a sec. I said “dang she looks just like her”. Right then I was told that it was cropped in from a previous Star Wars film.

I would not really call this a side story but rather Star Wars Episode 3 1/2, being proper fit in the sequence of events. Even though the movie had a rocky start, it ended well with a similar ending to another Episode which was smooth!  Score… I’m thinking about a Six out of Ten.

Rating: 6/10

Wonder Woman (2017)


Let me start off by saying that I had no expectations going into this film. You see I am not a super hero movie type of guy. They are far and few between. The last good one I saw was Batman The Dark Knight. Now that was back in 2008, so as you can see I sort of gave up on this genre a long time ago. You might say Super hero movies are a brand of movie that has now just taken off in popularity in the past decade or so. Leaving the film industry with a lot of new material to work off of. Making it an exciting and fresh new genre for movie watchers and especially for the large population of comic book fans that happen to be out there. So you might ask, why this movie? what made me want to watch this one? Well it did get tons of hype for one thing and secondly some friends of mine who have already seen it in theaters more times than I would ever deem a movie worthy of watching talked  me into going. So here I am, and my experience was worth every penny, even though I only paid $4.50. Score!!

At first I wanted to say this movie had a rocky start. I really had to hold my self back from laughing and I chuckled through the first 15 minutes or so. It might have been something to do with all the women and how feminist like they were. Besides that, the little special island all the women fighters were on was pretty cool and I really appreciated how beautiful it looked.

I guess they really didn’t expect for man kind to have such deadly weapons because they literally were no match for the germans with there archaic weaponry. And I didn’t under stand why they would lie so much to Wonder Women unless partially it was just them being as ignorant as I began to notice they were.

Anyways the the movie started to pick up when Wonder Women and Steve, the guy she goes out to save the world with, begin their mission. Most of the comedy can be summed up in Diana/ Wonder Women being ignorant of how the real world works. This act carries a long way and never gets old which had me laughing my butt off.

You don’t really know what sort of powers Wonder Women holds in the begging of the movie. They did a good job in revealing her powers by little bits at a time allowing you not to get board but super excited to see how she was going to conquer the next challenge. Her character is also heart warming which makes you want to root for her. She has a spirit to do good no matter who or what gets in her way and she shows no partiality.

The movie really takes you on a whirlwind of emotions as there is some loss and some victories, joy, love, brotherhood, pain and suffering. The progression of the movie was perfect and there was not time for a dull moment to miss any part of this film. The mystery in wondering if there truly is an Eras god of war who is causing all the evil leaves the watcher wondering how this movie will all end. The ending is quite good as you do not see it coming.

I am happy to say this movie gets the highest score I have yet to give on a movie on my review blog. This one took me by surprise and I would mention that I do not give out scores higher than eights that often but this one deserves it. Wonder Women gets a Nine out of Ten.

Rating: 9/10