I have always been a fan of the X-man movies and especially of Wolverine and his solo films. The past Wolverine films were better than average taking more to Wolverine’s character of a lone ranger who just wants to keep to himself but has the heart of savior who is willing to deny himself for the sake of other in dire straits. This movie still had all those same qualities but the story was boring, the characters we love so much are week and if any thing this film was the death of Wolverine Charles Xavior.

Specifically the story line lacked excitement and the seem to be a bunch of nonsense that contributed little to nothing in the first third of the film. Then there was the returning theme of created mutants which made since in all based on the past Wolverine films but there were no new twists and purposes to the old idea.

Hugh Jackman the made look old which I sort of get knowing that Wolverine is suppose to have some sort of illness in the movie. But come on first of all in reality he is not that old and secondly if he could last centuries staying and looking virtually the same age, then why all of the sudden should he be looking saggy, having liver spots and turning grew.

There was his supposed daughter who was made in the lab. I liked her even though she didn’t talk much. but she was fierce had some cool new variations to the original wolverine model and took the show in the action roles by my opinion. Which I’m happy for because the movie lacked in action which I expect watching any X-men type movie.

Last thing I want to mention was the wolverine copy that was brain washed to kill who ever his master told it to kill. basically he was like the terminator in regards to being robotic, and almost indestructible.

I must say that I can not quite judge this movie to the utmost accuracy due to me getting board and basically falling asleep toward the end. But i believe I saw most of it and if not listened to most of it. Im just glad I didn’t see it in theaters.



Alice Through the Looking Glass


Alice through the looking glass is a movie that entices you to watch it through its magical gleam and it heart held Disney characters that we all grew up knowing. In fact I was just as taken into the thought of seeing this movie as I was the first one, except I did not see the first one and even forgot there even was a first one.. That is until I started picking up on the obvious holes that blatantly stood out from the start.

I happen to like Johny Depp and him being the other other main character besides Alice, and this episode being about him I thought I was in for a real treat. But I am begging to learn that Even though Johny Depp can master some roles some of his characters I just do not take to, behold exhibit A… Although I was impressed by the character so called ‘Time’ and the Queen of Hearts.

Even though I did not enjoy much about this picture, I did enjoy a few bits and pieces here and there. The old time British men in there staunch proper hit the real money in looking to fit the part right on. Then there was Mr time and all his parts were a real hoot. The other part I was entertained by was the back story on how the queen of hearts became evil.

So now I can say that I have seen one of the two ‘Alice and Wonderlands’ but by know means was I Impressed. So not impressed that I couldn’t even tell you what happened in the end because I cut the movie short 15 minutes of finishing. It wasn’t worth my time.



Minimalism: A Documentary


Minimalism has been a way of living I have adopted ever since I moved out on my own from my parents. It has been a practice that I believe is good and has rewards to those can do it. So being a fan of this philosophy and looking for a documentary to watch with my friend I came across this one on Netflix having nothing but high hopes and excitement.

About 10 minutes in I began to notice that I was not learning anything I would have hoped to learn from watching this documentary. I was hoping to learn some tips and strategies on how to be a better minimalist but All I was hearing about was these two guys testimonies and there mission to tell people to be like themselves.

Just like any Testimony they were saying how they were not happy before and they gave up this thing.. in this case materialism in place for… Thats the thing It never told me what they gained besides being happy from having less. And I get that Less can make you happier, it frees you up from all the junk that you were paying for and had that was cluttering your life, But what where you filling it with. So I waited and waited and waited through out this whole documentary listening to testimony after testimony and explanation after explanation about how materialism was for the ignorant and how minimalism was for the wise and how this was such a ground breaking discovery. Yet they left one part out of there testimony the part that really mattered. what did they fill the void with in there life that they were filling with material things?

Basically the documentary was for the foolish and it was intact the foolish teaching the foolish. They were the ultimate deceivers. Not because what they were teaching was wrong or not good but it was the incomplete truth, it was blind hope. Everything these people were saying was heresy misleading people to just another way of existence that will come up being meaningless. basically every person in this documentary was an atheist and therefore I could not stand it.

This Documentary didn’t even deserve half my time I gave it, yet hoped that it might get better and it didn’t. Again another incomplete Movie review but this one had to be one of the worst ever. It was not so good for setting the stage as my First documentary review.


The Hateful Eight


Three hours and seven minutes of mostly strait dialogue accompanied by great acting and a classic cast. This is Quentin Taranitnos latest movies and it has his signature moves all over it. Set in the western days in the cold mountains of Wyoming a group of men and and a women prisoner who is hard to tell if she out of her mind or not, are snowed in in a cabin waiting out a blizzard.

The men are rugged and tough and some have secret allegiances with one another. Most of them don’t know each other but as they wait the storm out in the cabin together the story unwinds into a drawn out uncovering of secret motives and greed.

Now the funny thing about this blog is it is not at all a completely watched movie so therefore there may be some holes in my judgment. Due to watching this movies at three different times and seeing different bits and pieces of it probably making up 85% of the movies. Though experiencing the movie in this way and having seen this much I believe has given me a fresh perspective unlike I have ever experienced before watching a movie.

The beginning starts off great, drawing me in to the movies With the highest expectations that I had landed on a gold mind. About thirty minutes in the movie slows down quite greatly and then the next hour and a half drag on with little action. Finally the story picks back up as the tension rises and comes to a climax.

I love Quentin Tarantinos movies but this one just did not make it in his top peaces of work in my opinion. Suggestion if your going to make a movie three hours plus add in more adventure and action and less strait dialogue.


La La Land (2016)

lala land

This Movie happen to be on TV last night when my sister made me stop in switching through the channels because she just had to see it. Im not going to lie I sort of wanted to see it to, I mean it looked intriguing enough. I will say that I did not watch the entirety of this movie because we caught it about 30 minutes already into to it. But I thought i would be fun to write a review about a movie I haven’t completely seen anyway.

As you can see from the photo above Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have shown and continue to prove that they are the perfect match when it comes to doing movies together. This time the show is all about them and they are solely the stars and the center of attention. There chemistry is great and Ryan looks as good as usual, My sister could not stop talking about how much she was in love with him, even more than every other girl out there. Yet I did not care for as much Emma stones look that she gave off. In my opinion she just wasn’t as pretty for some reason.

Lala Land Gives of a theme you would see in a Disney movie, Kyndall said something like Mary Poppins which I can definitely see as so. There is an old feel to the movie as if it were set in the earlier part of the 20th century, maybe 1930s or 1940s. But the catch is that its not, its actually shot in a very modern period, even though it looks to be in a earlier time.

This Movie is all about two people falling in Love in the most beautiful and magical way a person could ever imagine it happening. Infant that is about all it is about. At one Point I commented “do these people even work or have any sort of responsibilities they need to attend to”. But thats ok like I said its like a Disney movie.

Some things I really enjoyed about this movie were that for one It is a musical, which i did not expect. And the best part is they don’t do to many songs! I just hate when a musical has way to many singing scenes. Also the Dance choreography that goes along with the musical scenes is superb. Probably the best part for me were the colors and the contrast in the colors. This really gave the movie the old Disney style magical feel that would give you most happiest of feelings. Finally the plot revolves around Jazz music which I really enjoyed listing to and watching it played, as well as hearing it talked about. It really made Jazz sound cool, classic, and fun. Something never to be lost in time.

My final thoughts are that even though this movie was good I did not particularly enjoy it mainly because it was strictly a love story and that just isn’t my taste. My sister loved it and she said she wants to watch it next time from the beginning. But for me this would be the last time for me.



Sleepy Hollow (1999)

sleepy hollow

I never read the book for sleepy hollow and waited thus long to watch the 1999 mystery film. I don’t know what sparked my interest in it this late but I felt lead to watch it. It might have been because it was a Johny Depp Film or directed by Tim Burton or because it was in my to watch list on Netflix. No matter trying to figure out the reason, lets just say it was a mystery ;).

Based on the book I would imagine by Washington Erving this movie features a classic seen shot in 1799. in a place not to far from network called sleepy hollow. Johny Depp plays the investigator who knows better than to just glance at recent death that has and unknown cause and say it is an accident. He ready to put to the test modern day science and forensic techniques to the test solve the questionable deaths nobody els will.

Not surprising to the audience but to Johny Depp the Murders in sleepy hollow are more that what he expected let alone dreamed of. The story keeps the watcher unsure if these murders are caused by the physical world or something beyond what the eye can see.

Mixed into the movie you have some witch craft, pretty ladies or lady I might correct my self, Men with Wigs, and the eerie ghostly little town of sleepy hollow. This town I might add I quite enjoyed as it was beautiful yet made you feel like something was going to pop out and get you behind every dark corner.

Johny’s Investigation skills are top notch and quite impressive making the movie just that much more amusing. They also did a great job in not letting the audience figure out to early the mystery behind sleepy hollow. Now what was cheesy and Im going to give this some merry being as old as this movie was was the scary effects. Lets just say man have they came a long way in what they now consider frighting.

This movie is nothing to jump off your bum and go run to the movies about and don’t bother it not in the movies anyways. But give it up for something different will yah.


Sand Lot


This is the first see it again review I am doing. I don’t usually watch movies a second time but I watched this one at a pool party with a projector playing the movie on a giant sheet.  First time seeing the movie in this type of environment an as a lot older I might add.

I had forgotten a lot of the little extra scenes they added in there besides the ordeal with the Babe Ruth ball and the gnarly dog. There was actually more to the movie than what I could remember as well as being longer than I thought it was.

What cracked me up most was all the little silly names and words we use to use back in those days and what people thought was offensive to use in dissing matches. The characters were a hoot in reminding me just how it use to be back in the day as I would often take on much of what they did in say in my own childhood.

Some of the things I noticed in this that I had dent noticed before was the decade it was set in. I guess you really don’t pay attention to those types of things as a kid. All the extra talk that is in the background that actually makes a lot of since but the shot is focused on something completely different. How fake and big the dog looks right up until the chase scene.

Some actors in this movie that I didn’t quite pay attention to or know about at the time where in this movie that have really made it the acting business are Marley Shelton and Denis Leary. Marley Shelton has played in many of my favorite Movies including Planet Terror and Death Proof. Denis Leary you will probably know from the series Rescue Me and The Amazing Spider – Man. I Love it when you recognize actors from old films, don’t you? 🙂

The ending of this movie is quite sad and makes me depressed to even watch it again. This is probably one of the reasons I don’t choose to watch this movie. Who wants to be left feeling empty and alone as this movie will make you feel. Any ways it was decent and it brings back memories. This movie gets a Six out of Ten. 

Rating: 6/10