The Ridiculous 6

This is a Netflix movie that came out a little while ago, I want to say around the same time as The Hateful 8. Though I neglected in watching it for thinking it was a spoof off of that movie and couldn’t be near as good. You see I’m not a big fan of spoofs as you might guess. Yet while running through the regular issue of trying to find something good to watch on Netflix I thought I would give this a chance.

The movie wasn’t that bad. In fact it was a little bit good. There wasn’t any dull parts in the movie and it was filled with bunches of corny and cheesy scenes that were great.

The story plot it self was kind of lame and could have been made up by a 10 year old writing a story for his english class. Yet even though the plot was bad the actual scenes made up for it being hilarious and creative. In comparison to A Million Ways to Die in the West this was about the same in overall quality but different in style.

Probably my favorite addition of this movie was how many cast members they brought into it. And the best part was they each did a good job in performance.

Don’t neglect watching this Netflix winner just because it’s the 10,000th Adam Sandler movie on there by now.



The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman may have gotten the hype as one of the greatest movies out in theaters. But after I had given it a watch with no expectations or bias going into it I would say that it is no better than average. I do have to say I did want to see it but only because it had Hugh Jackman in it with him being one of my more favored actors.

I did not expect this movie to be a musical, not that I don’t like musicals but I’m usually more picky about them. It takes a lot more to make a good movie that’s a musical than a regular movie, I think. The songs were decent and the dancing was not as good as the songs but none of it was that impressive. I can’t even remember one of the songs and how it goes, that’s never a good sign for a musical.

The story as a whole was good and it had a good story of a man making something of himself from the ground up, falling to pride and being humbled, then coming back to what his original dream was in the first place. I did expect a little more from the circus crew, they were kind of bland in being what they were meant to be, that is exotic, but at the same time I can see how it can be difficult to get real crazy with it.

I think some people will like this movie like my friend did, who saw it three times in theater, once back to back and bought the sound track. Then there are those like me who won’t as much. According most the top critics they would have made the former group. For once I can say I was more along the lines of Rotten Tomatoes.

Favorite quote: “You don’t need every body to love you, just a few good people.” -Charity Barnum


PottersVille 2017

potters villeThis movie had my attention at a glance while steaming through Netflix seeing what sort of gambles I was going to take in picking a wild card movie to watch. The advertisement picture and the synopsis were also alluring. Not to mention the cast members were a good pic with one of them Michael Shannon being one of my favorites.

The story of this movie is very unique and the quirkiness of the comedy was classic as well as original. This was mainly made possible from how unusual this movies story line was as compared to most the other movies I have seen.

I did happen to think this was a Christmas movie. But if that is what you are looking for this movie has hardly anything to do with Christmas and all to do with Big Foot, fury animals, crazed towns folk, phonies, and hoaxes. What not a better concoction to fill the ingredients for a good movie. ‘Heck, I will take one of those’.

This movie has a good moral to it as well as a happy ending. I can say that you and your friends will have the perfect solution to a boring night by choosing this film. Make it even more fun and watch it before the Christmas spirit has finally left until next year.




Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


This was my first movie of the new year. I wanted to see this movie but my girlfriend wanted to see it more. I was more wanting to see StarWars but I will just have to wait to see that another time.

I had an idea of what this movie was going to be about from the short glimpse of the previews I saw but I was wrong in thinking it was going to be a remake of the original Jumanji. The movie actually plays out in todays present age but instead of the game coming alive in the characters world, they go into the world of the game. I like this difference and appreciate the originality.

The cast was a good group and kept me laughing the whole time. Jack Black stared as one of the lead roles in this film and his style of comedy is always uniquely funny. Their dynamic was interesting being like a group from the breakfast club in detention, made up of both geeks and popular kids. But I especially like how it takes you for a role reversal when they get their new identities in the game. You would never think who is who.

Being in the video game Jumamji is much like playing a real video game which they nailed down pretty well in keeping as legit as possible, this aspect was also funny. The game characters strengths and weaknesses were another big knee slapped in the film and I liked how they spaced out reviewing these as well each of there roles in screen time, giving them each equal importance.

The producers made a smart move in bringing back some of the old characters and tying in the transition from the old Jumanji into this one. The movie had a good beginning middle and end. With a steady progression through the story and a happy ending.

One thing I didn’t like about the movie was the story it self. The story was sort of bland. I think they could have done better making it a more exciting game and what they had to do to save Jumanji. Another area I would like to have seen more of is more thrills. They did their part with the comedy but I was wanting to be on the edge of my seat like the first one had me. Finally I think the Jumanji characters were pretty lame, both humans and animals alike. The old one shore had them beat here as well.

To rap things up I would say this is a good movie to see if you can still catch it in theaters. Also you might try the 3D version which could be promising.


New Years Eve

My girl friend and I decided to watch this movie on account that it was New Year’s Eve. I had never seen this movie fully before but had only seen parts. It was probably because it was a difficult movie I get into and to follow despite how appealing it looked with its advertisements and the extravagant cast it held. Nevertheless what better time to watch it than on the night which the movie is all about.

There is so many different story’s going on in this film and the story jumps back and forth from one to another. There are many great actors and actresses that all play an important yet equal role in this film and the the movie progresses there is even more surprise stars. Yet none of them really go into any depth on there parts and each story is really shallow in substance. I guess they were trying to go for the sum of the parts makes the movie what it is, but I think it sadly failed here.

Each of the main characters is either in some sort of stressful position or strained relationship or trying to reach to attain something. The point is no body is really at peace on this day and they are trying to make the best out of it before it ends.

Most the characters played by my favorite actors turned out to be less than what I expected out of them in terms of the face they made out of themselves in previous roles. And despite the movie being more boring than watching grass grow It did a have a minor come back in the end. All the little separate story’s came together in some odd fashion and most every body got a happy ending.

This movie could be a New Year’s Eve tradition for some who are looking to start one. It was a neat night for me and my girl. To make this movie even more special is to time it just right to where the ball drops at midnight at the same time it does in the movie. That’s what we did and it was pretty cool.

Happy New Years y’all!


Red Planet

red planet

Space movies are not usually my go to when I want to kick back and watch a flick but I settled for this one in honor of my friends birthday since it is his favorite movie. I was shockingly impressed however that it was as good as it turned out to be. I didn’t take the characters to seriously in the beginning for them acting more as young college students playing astronauts than they were actual NASA members. But after I got through each of their own quirks I was able to get into this slightly thrilling but barley breath taking adventure.

Considering the movie was made in 2001, a time of its own for movies where the industry was still trying to find out where to take the scene into the new millennium, I will not try to doc it to bad on a well attempted but sad production of effects. besides that the technology was defiantly sci-fi, leaving me at in hard spot to figure out what year this movie was suppose to be taking place in. Thats about all I have to say about the hard Critiques. Lets move on to what makes this movie good.

The movie was funny with each of the characters quirks and how much fun they had playing around on the space ship just before it got to Mars. This should have been a sign for what was coming up because as soon as they got to Mars every thing started to go wrong, and Im sure they could have taken more precautions.

Once on Mars the real adventure and excitement begins. Not only do they not exactly find what they are looking for leaving them in a bad position to survive on a alien planet but they are also being pursued and attacked by two different oppressors. I like some of the stuff that you sure don’t expect being outside this world and how they mystically defied what they previously thought to be true about this planet. Their survival to some extent was the most thrilling part and how they came to over come their lack in resources.

The movie ended well with the proper happy ending which for me always makes a good movie. I guess you can say the cost of human life is worth the discovery of knowledge in the places that man is never suppose to go.

Most meaningful quote to me from this movie: “I hate this Planet” Gallagher




I have always been a fan of the X-man movies and especially of Wolverine and his solo films. The past Wolverine films were better than average taking more to Wolverine’s character of a lone ranger who just wants to keep to himself but has the heart of savior who is willing to deny himself for the sake of other in dire straits. This movie still had all those same qualities but the story was boring, the characters we love so much are week and if any thing this film was the death of Wolverine Charles Xavior.

Specifically the story line lacked excitement and the seem to be a bunch of nonsense that contributed little to nothing in the first third of the film. Then there was the returning theme of created mutants which made since in all based on the past Wolverine films but there were no new twists and purposes to the old idea.

Hugh Jackman the made look old which I sort of get knowing that Wolverine is suppose to have some sort of illness in the movie. But come on first of all in reality he is not that old and secondly if he could last centuries staying and looking virtually the same age, then why all of the sudden should he be looking saggy, having liver spots and turning grew.

There was his supposed daughter who was made in the lab. I liked her even though she didn’t talk much. but she was fierce had some cool new variations to the original wolverine model and took the show in the action roles by my opinion. Which I’m happy for because the movie lacked in action which I expect watching any X-men type movie.

Last thing I want to mention was the wolverine copy that was brain washed to kill who ever his master told it to kill. basically he was like the terminator in regards to being robotic, and almost indestructible.

I must say that I can not quite judge this movie to the utmost accuracy due to me getting board and basically falling asleep toward the end. But i believe I saw most of it and if not listened to most of it. Im just glad I didn’t see it in theaters.