I do not usually watch kid movies unless I really find them to look appealing. Its not that there is anything wrong with kids movies. In fact for a while I was on a kids movie kick and would watch them all, since they are usually pretty good in the right context. But I got caught up watching this one at one of those outside movie showing that the city was putting on, so that why this is sort of out of the ordinary from my usual movie reviews.

Previously I had never heard of this movie up until the day I watched it. But its about some native islanders who’s island is becoming unlivable because of all their resources are strangely dying or vanishing. Moana is the chiefs daughter and has a calling to venture out to sea to save her people.

Really this is just another typical kids film as it shares allot of similarities according to how other kids movies go. Same ole prideful and courageous princes. Same ole outcast self centered partner. Same ole mission, save the day.

The songs the characters sing like most kids movies where pretty catchy and fun. Even after the movies is over you will be singing these songs in your head. There are cute little funny animal pet/sidekicks that really steal the show away if you asked me. Most of what I was laughing at was the stupid chicken. Then there is the great building of a relationship and team work between the two hero’s of this film Moana and Maui. I was really thinking they where going to fall in love with each other but that didn’t happen.

The two heroes’ face a couple of villains together and contribute equally. Some of the beasts they face are not really that scary and are actually quite goofy which I liked. Moana and Maui really have a pretty good thing going as they have to help one another to reach their own individual goals.

The best way I can explain this movie is a mixture between Pocahontas and Lilo and Stitch. So if you have a thing for Hawaii or being out on the open sea then this might be the movie for you.

Comparing this with other kids movies, I am giving this one a Five out of Ten.

Rating: 5/10

In the Heart of the Sea

heart of the sea

This is another one of those Movies that I wanted to see in theaters buy I didn’t.. lets just say Im not to upset in my misfortune. The movie begins with a young writer trying to find his story to make it big. Well he hears of this amazing ship that went down by rumor of a giant whale. He finds one of the survivors of the ship and persuades him to tell his story, which the old sailor tries to refrain from, having had a belief that people would be ashamed of him.

Good actors such as Chris Hemsworth and Cillian Murphy star in this film and play the parts fairly well. Chris Hemsworth is always a good pick for a film played in an earlier time because of his history doing many movies in past time settings as well as his rugged look of a man.

Most of the exciting parts of this movie had to do with the sailors and seeing them do this dangerous job of working a sailing ship. It looked quite difficult and rough to say the least. Then there were the scenes with them hunting the whales. This too looked liked a brave task as they would throw the harpoon in the whale by hand and have to avoid being drug down to the depths of the waters by these mighty creators. The collecting of the blubber and what that all in tailed was also educational as well as discusting.

The movie sure did take a turn from where I was expecting it to go. I thought they where just going to be hunting the big ole whale. Of course I never read Moby Dick, So I didn’t really know what to expect. So half the movie is about them on the ship and then the other half is about them trying to survive the boat crash. This is where the movie started to get a little boring to me. Just watching them wither a way one by one out at sea. Though I still think they did a good job in featuring what survival out on the ocean might actually be like. They just made it go on for too long thats all.

Have you ever noticed how ridiculously big they have to make things now when they are doing a movie about a big animal or monster or whatever. Its like as long as the days keep going on the monsters in the movies will just keep on getting bigger to where its just ridicules. Just look at the trends in King Kong, or Godzilla, or even Jurassic Park. Well I am pleased to say they got this beast at least in the spectrum of reality. Quite a smart whale I would add, Moby Dick if that is his name. One thing that did not make since in this movie was why Chriss Hemsworth was trying to hunt down this giant whale in this tiny boat when he should have been focusing on surviving. Its not like your going to kill it anyways dude.

I though of two movies while I watched this, Master and Commander, and Cast Away. Really and easy way to sum this one up is that its a little of both. Its real similar to Master and Commander in the first half and kinda of like Cast away in the last half. There you go,so if you you seen both of those two movies there is really no need to watch this one.. HAHA!. I guess I just need to read Moby Dick now to see how close this movie lined up with the book the guy wrote about this story. This movie gets a Seven out of Ten.

Rating: 7/10

On the Road (2012)

on the roadCast: Sam Riley as Sal Paradise,  Garet hedlund as Dean Moriarty, Kristian Stewart as Marylou, Amy Adams as Jane, Tom Sturridge as Carlo Marx, Alice Braga as Terry, Elisabeth Moss as Galatea Dunkel, Danny Morgan as Ed Dunkle, Kirsten Dunst as Camille, Viggo Mortensen as Old Bull Lee.

This is a drama/comedy/adventure set in the late 1940s early 1950s and is about a group of friends  driving here and there around the United States trying to experience life and achieve other goals. Starting out in New York Sal and his friend Marx are both writers who meet this really exciting guy Dean. They both take fond of Dean’s fun and wild lifestyle and choose to hang around him and learn from him so that they can find inspiration to write.

One of the first things that bugged me about this one is how phony their clothes and things looked for the time this movie was trying to portray. They where so fake and unrealistic that it looked like they pulled these clothes and their other items right out of their own rooms themselves. There was really nothing old fashion about this film except for the cars a few bill boards and a black and white television. Well I guess the music too but even that sounded cheap.

It took me a while to figure out the plot behind this story and even now when thinking about it I can’t really say there was much of one at all besides Sal trying to find inspiration for his writing. Other than that, up until the end of the movie I honestly just thought this movie was about these young adults just being bums cruising from one place to stay to the next as they lived life acting wilder than hell traveling the country.

This movie truly did have it all though from steeling to cheating. You couldn’t find a seen where they weren’t smoking something. It would even make a fun drinking game if you had to drink every time some one smoked a cigarette or dubbie. No matter what they are doing or where they are going they are always drinking, smoking weed, or doing some of form of drug, and when they are not doing drugs they are screwing each other. He is screwing her, she is screwing him and them, He is screwing him and her at the same time, all the way to having orgies. Dean and Marylou are two of the same as they are both the biggest slut and man whore in the movie.

Probably my favorite part about this movie was the cast. Sal reminds me of a Leonardo Dicaprio look alike which was quite amusing. There were a bunch of surprise characters played by well known actors that pop up here and there throughout the film. Some of them even give slight references to their past characters they played in other movies, which I thought was clever.

This movie was long, but not boring, I did think there was a little to much of them driving around in the car, as probably half the scenes where shot in a car. But they do cover a lot of territory and there are many beautiful views of country side and old buildings and just that real type of stuff you would actually see on the road. With all that Said Im giving the movie a Six and a Half out of Ten.

Rating: 6.5/10









Suicide Squad (2016)


It’s nice to see a super hero film not made up of your typical super hero’s. Yes, Its good to see the bad guys to be the stars of the show for once. This is an interesting group of villains coming from different criminal back grounds. They each have their own stories of how they became notorious criminals and they each have their own special skills that when put together they make an excellent team to save Gotham. They don’t really choose to take on this task of saving Gotham from the witch and her sorcerer brother. No, They are forced to by a way that they have no control over. Well they do have control but if they choose to not except this mission then it will truly blow up on them. Their mission is to stop the witch and the sorcerer from making the humans come to worship machines. I didn’t really quite understand this from watching the movie but maybe it has to do with the town people becoming machine themselves. Okay lets review this movie by analyzing the hero’s/villains.


Deadshot: Played by the best of the best Will Smith. Even though it is not his typical movie he did a great job playing this part. The movie starts out with him working out inside his prison cell. Which it is not surprising to see him getting a pump if you ever seen any of his other movies. He seems to like to show that he is a strong stud of a man. His character seems to have a bone to pick with Batman but his love for his daughter is more important as he surrenders himself to the police. Deadshot’s main goals seems to be to get out of prison and care for his daughter and he is willing to stick to the mission given to him and do a good job holding the team together to do it. He definitely makes the other military guys look like a joke with his supreme gun skills by never missing a shot and having super fast shooting speed.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn: Played by Margot Robbie does an excellent job in playing the character that I think stole the show. Most of the attention is placed on her and her history and relationship with the Joker, which made the movie a lot more than just a bunch of DC Villains saving the world. I never really understood how she came to be so skilled in combat but I do enjoy her weapon’s of choice, a sexy white pistol and baseball bat. With her outfits, makeup, and say whatever, do whatever she wants attitude, there is no doubt she definitely deserves to be the the star of the show and the reason why you might want to watch this movie. Who new crazy could ever be so hot!


Captain Boomerang: A legendary bank robber, maybe not one of the most important characters in the film yet he still contributes by slashing up the witches machine army with razor blade boomerangs that seem to be more effective used as melee weapons  rather than throwing knives against these guys. Not too trust worthy as a criminal partner though, as his whole scheme is to use them to rob banks and then kill them after the job is done. His whole character is sort of based on a joke being apart of this team as he tries to make funny jokes and is always taking a break from the fighting to slam down a quick beer. Where does he get all these beers at anyways.. I would like to know. Maybe his little magic plush toy that he hides in his coat makes them poof right out of thin air.

Killer croc

Killer Croc: not at all my favorite hero out of the bunch but I guess he does contribute. He is super strong and his weapon of choose is himself. He definitely got some anger issues or an inferiority complex  because of how people treat him as an animal/monster. He says very few words throughout the movie and the lines that he does say are not really that meaningful. They also could of done a better job on making him look a bit better, he wasn’t that cool looking to me. They should have taken notes from the Fantastic Four seeing that the The Thing turned out more decent. But I guess they needed a guy on their crew to look like a monster to really give them that final touch.


Katana: Not actually a villain like all the rest although she does become part of the team of the suicide squad. She functions at the start to keep the squad in line and from doing anything stupid, then ends up fighting along side them. She actually can do quite a bit of damage with her samurai sword and does quite a number on the main sorcerer bad guy at the end. She comes from a dark past as the film shows that her sword is actually cursed.

rick flag

Rick Flag: Military man who assigned to lead the team in saving the world. Actually his real motivation is to free his girlfriend June Moone who has been possessed by the Witch/Enchantress. Im not really sure how some one can be in love with a possessed girl, but I guess it can happen. Rick Flag makes a strong leader and does well to keep the team in line with his calm cool and collected attitude. Yet when the situation wills it he is not afraid to stick to his word and blow somebody’s head off for stepping out of line.


Diablo: This is one cool cat with a mess of tattoos and a super power that anybody would want to have. He makes out to be one of my favorites of the squad. He has a great background story as it goes into his family and how and they ended up catching him. This man has made a lot of mistakes with his great power he was born with and these mistakes have humbled him to live a peaceful non confrontational life. He does not help the squad for most of the movie as he tries to avoid using his power. But then he is pushed by Deadshot toward the end into being a big help for the team and maybe even MVP.

I will give this movie more credit than most critics. It deserves a Seven out of Ten.

Rating: 7/10

Spectre (2015)


You really can’t go wrong watching a James Bond movie, I mean there is just enough action and excitement in these films to keep the viewer drawn in for hours, and when I say hours Im not kidding. don’t ask me exactly what this movie was about besides the obvious, 007 trying to save the world by taking on the world all by himself. He pretty much does and can do whatever he wants no matter what his bosses tell him. I guess thats the type of life you get to live being someone as awesome as James Bond.

I really thought this movie was going to be awesome, as I usually have never been disappointed by a James Bond movie. Theres just so many good fight scenes, shoot outs, car chases, explosions, and a bunch of amazing other things normal people never really get to do. Plus 007 is just such a cool guy. He reminds me of the most interesting man that ever lived.. you know from the Dos Equis commercials, but in this case the real deal.

007 is classic James Bond, just in this movie he is not under anybody since M is dead and she was really the only one that James ever payed respect to. He still does the same ole stuff and and gets into the same ole situations as he did in the previous films. Its basically like a retake of the other movies but with new material. He still seduces women to get info out of them or to get them to do what he wants. He still always wears a suite no matter what he is doing. He still goes through extreme random torture and takes it like a man, coming out a okay after he escapes.

What I did really appreciate about this James Bond film was the arch villain Blofeld played by Christoph Waltz. I love this actor and I think that he can play an excellent character, especially a protagonist such as in Spectre. Additionally I think they made a good pick for James Bond’s little girlfriend side sick Madeline, played by Lea Seydoux. She was very pretty and could hold her own. She also wasn’t as subdued to 007’s charm as where the other women giving her that strong women quality of not being to easy. “Good pick 007”.

There where also many beautiful scenes as James can pretty much explore the world in a matter of days and can have the best direction in knowing where he is going without a map or a GPS. But for all I know he probably had a build in GPS implanted in his brain or something, being a secret agent in all. But other than all this good stuff.. and this normal stuff.. the only real hang up I had with this film was how long it was. I could not believe they needed this long to make this story happen. It was so long and it was unnecessary to go on as long as it did, to go from the short length of point A to point B in this story. I mean I could have missed an hour of this movie and not even have notice I missed anything.

Despite how long it was it was decent and definitely not boring. I would save it for a good late night film though if you don’t want to waste your day away. Spectre gets a Six out of Ten.

Rating: 6/10

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the wilderpeople

I made a real good pick this time. I Woke up super early sunday morning around 5am, and I wanted to watch a movie. Not being able to watch one on the satellite tv as I usually do, because of it being to loud and waking everybody up, decided to hack into my sisters Hulu account after remembering that she left her email open on my computer. So I went into her email and reset her Hulu password to be able to get into the account. By the way, I told her and she forgave me.

I didn’t want to waist to much of my morning away because it was a special time and I really should have spend it worshiping Jesus but I was lazy so i decided to pick a shorter movie. It was either this or Thelma and Louise which was about 40 minutes longer of a movie. I guess I will put that one for next time on my list because it did look good.

The cover of the movie was quite attractive and this is what made me choose it over others. At first I thought it sort of looked like a child’s movie but then I saw that it was rated PG 13 and I rationalized that it couldn’t be that childish. The movie waists no time starting off, it gets right into the story without having any of that extra nonsense that you don’t really care to see because it just fills the time to make the movie seem more impressive.

This is a 2016 film that is based in the New Zealand Bush, which is like the wilderness. The main character is an orphan boy who can’t seem to stay with any of the the foster parents that happen to take him. He is a trouble maker and he is on his last straw. He has one more chance for it to go well with him and his foster parents before he is put in juvenile detention. The final family that takes him in lives at a house in the hill country right next to the bush and it is like no where the kid has ever been before. Being the gangster that he thinks he is he has spent most of his time in the in cities and looks up to rappers and gangsters as his role models. The kid tries his best not to fit in with the family by making it difficult for the foster parents to know him. Yet the foster mother wins him over with her understanding and love for him. Finally when the boy feels like he has a family and he wants to stay something unfortunate happens and he is forced to return back to the welfare agency. This is truly where the excitement begins as the boy and his foster father go into the bush to deal with their problems.

The country side alone makes beautiful scenery for the movie of the New Zealand bush. There is a father to son like bond that is formed between the boy and his foster father that could only be done by spending time helping each other in the bush. The boy learns from his foster father how to survive out in the bush and the father learns how to deal with his issues of resentment and loss from the boy. The two of them make a great team as they take down their rivals who are trying to capture them for running away from the government.

The film is filled with comedy and silly characters that make the movie truly entertaining and without a dole moment. There are sad parts that will make you cry because of loss and there are parts that will just make you tear up because of joy. The relationship between the boy and his foster father is strong in the end to where it makes the boy take desperate measures to keep their relationship alive. Even though for a time they can not be together and the boy does find a great home with a good father figure and girl his age that he he sort of has a crush on, he chooses to reunite with his original foster father for new adventures.

One of the ridicules parts about the movie is how far the welfare agency takes it to retrieve the boy and capture his foster father. They look to have the hole military police force and country looking for them relentlessly for 5 months. Though I guess that is one of the things which makes this movie funny because for the longest nobody can catch them. they pretty much are like the greatest outlaws at that time in the New Zealand Bush.

I think this movie was great and I would recommend it for anybody to watch. It had me laughing so much and at the same time having so many other emotions that it gave me a a rocking experience. The adventures they went on were great and the scenery was beautiful to see. The story was amazing and had a lot of neat characters. I would have really wanted to read the book before i saw the film, if there was one because I think the book would have been even better. The whole time I was just imagining what the book would have been like. The reason why I think it might be a book is because the movie is split up into chapters. But yes extravagant and top notch film, Im giving it a Eight and a Half  out of Ten.

Rating: 8.5/10