Risky Business

risky business

Risky Business holds the worth of being one of Tom Cruise’s original films. Coming out in 1983 this marks as Tom Cruise’s fifth film. I am not usually in the mood for a classic that goes back to the 80’s but this one turned me in a different way after reading the short bit on what it was about. It is a comedy about a senior in high school who’s parents leave for vacation. Tom Cruise plays this character and at the time he does not feel so highly of himself as all his friends are getting into the best of Ivy League schools while he is just sitting at average on all his academic standings. Tom Cruise has this best friend of his who is played by Curtis Armstrong, who persuades him to take advantage of his parents being gone for the week by having over an escort or classy prostitute. This advice from his friend gets him into a big mess, which he will have to use his entrepreneurial skills to get himself out of before his parents come back home from vacation.

Like I was saying earlier about how not to many 80’s movies really impress me, It’s not that they are bad movies actually the movies from the 80’s are pretty good. Its just that the music in these 80’s movies are just so gosh darn offal. If you have ever watch an 80’s movie you will know what I mean. They all have the same lame music themes that they tend to play at the begging of all the films and some times throughout the whole film. Well good news, this movie has very little of those annoying rhythmic sounds that they call music. In fact they have a pretty decent sounding playlist for this movie that really does a good job of capturing the different moments.

I also really enjoyed the camera angles and picture effects used to capture the feel of the different scenes. For example when Tom Cruise’s parents are leaving for their trip, they shoot the whole scene from the eye’s of Tom Cruise’s to really give you the feel of how a child might see his parents as “Mommy and Daddy”. Then there was the film effects at the end where him and his girl friend are on the train. The picture effects on that scene make it unforgettable and everlasting.

One of the trends I saw in this movie was for these high school boys to appear as adults in all the smoking and drinking that they where doing. Throughout almost the whole movie Tom Cruise was smoking a cigarette. I don’t think he was necessarily doing this because he really enjoyed his smoking habit but more so that it made him feel cool. You always see him wearing these dark shades and lighting up cigarette’s whenever he is feeling like the man. They also like to throw around the F word, and whenever they say it, it even makes what they are doing even cooler. I guess you really get to see how immature senior boys could be in that day.

It was also surprising to see how easily it was to find these women of the night. There seems to be a whole listing of them back then in the news papers with every sort of sick twisted desire you can possibly want. His friend rambles a bunch of them off then you get to read them yourself as Tom Cruise is searching through the papers for his good time to have. I would not recommend these papers because it seams that you cannot even distinguish if who you are trying to get is a women, man or something in between.

The one prostitute that he does sleep with is the other main character of the film who is played by Rebecca De Mornay. She is an attractive women, young, and definitely can get Tom Cruise into some trouble. You can tell she has some issues that she is not willing to talk about with Tom as he tries to engage her right before she “accidentally” ruins his life. But luckily she is not that messed up and they end up helping each other out working as a team, putting their skills together. Its actually surprising how well it works out between them seeing how many issues they run into with one another.

There are a few nude scenes in this film as well as allot of sex, Tom Cruise happens to get allot of action in this one. The film goes from wild passionate sex where they are doing all over the house in all sorts of different positions to and epic sex scene that I mentioned early in the part about the picture effects. This last epic scene happens at the end of the movie where him and his prostitute girl friend decide to do it on a train. This by far is one of the most epic, rememberable, scenes that you will see in a movie. This is the part that you will remember this movie by and the reason why you will want to watch it again, just to see them do it on the train.

For anyone who wants to see a good throw back Tom Cruise film this is a good one to watch. Its funny, the story line is original and it got’s something for everybody in it. what I would compare it to is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It has pretty much the same concept going for it except I would have to say Risky Business is more unpredictable and can offer the watcher a lot more than just a few kids playing hooky. This is a must watch film, and even though I would probably give it a more average rating than I’m about to give it right now, I will consider when it was made and compare it to movies of that time. For an 80’s movie I give this one an Eight out of Ten.

Rating: 8/10


Author: Parker The Critic

I like watching movies. But more importantly I like reviewing them.

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