Thelma and Louise


Being faithful to my Hunt for the WilderPeople post I mentioned next time I watched a Hulu Movie I would watch this one. I have to say it did look like it would be a good movie seeing that it showed this cover I have above as the advertisement on Hulu for it, as well as it being about two cool looking chicks as being outlaws on the run. Unfortunately that was not the case.

This 1991 Crime/Drama/Comedy film Features Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis as the two out laws chicks and two main characters who are running from the police trying to get to Mexico because of some misfortunate incidents that happened and their responding to them in unlawful ways. The movie basically starts off with them taking a weekend road trip to get away from their husbands and the usual grind. But what begins as a friendly road trip turns into these two women trying to not get caught for what they did standing up for themselves. These girls are real fire crackers and you learn that you do not want to get in their way.

Most of the movie is shot with them driving around the west getting into more trouble as they come across different people who are either hound dogs wanting to get in their pants or cops who are trying to capture them. Other than that there is not really much that happens beside a bunch of girl drama as they cry and laugh and bond over their lives going down hill with all the trouble they are getting themselves into. While they are driving toward Mexico and finding themselves a criminals more excepting, they begin to look, act, and take on more criminal persona. They just don’t care any more and its either go to jail and get caught, or escape or die.

Each of the characters play people that are so much different from each other in the way they interact with Thelma and Louise. Thelma’s husband is a real selfish ungrateful bad tempered man who can’t even treat his wife with any respect. No wonder we see Thelma leave home without telling him and then want to have a good time with all these other men she meets. But we can be proud of Thelma because she has the most character development as she goes from a wimpy push over to a strong cool women who gets what she wants. Louise plays the smart take charge girl who doesn’t let any body push her around. She has this boy friend that gets a hint that she is leaving and not coming back. Then he goes from the tough guy who’s like, I don’t need to be in love with a women to make me happy type to a lets get married I’m sorry babe I love you fellow, once he finds out that she has the guts to walk away from the relationship. Then their is the main detective who seems to hate all other Criminals (especially Brad Pitt) but just is all for these two women and wanting them to go scot free. Obviously he is the right guy for the job. Anyways back to Brad Pitt, I bet you want to here about him. Well he plays the nice guy who wins Thelma’s heart but just like every other dirt bag she meets he to ends up screwing her over. I mean he told her he was a criminal but love can put blinders on people who fall into it.

Basically this movie was really boring and their wasn’t really much to it besides the bonding of the two girl friends. I mean after awhile you get tired of seeing these girls drive around the desserts of west Texas. But I guess the cool part was they never gave in and they went out with their guns blazing.. well more like a wheels a turning. You will know what I mean if you ever decide to watch this movie and make it to the end, which was very difficult I might add. Although if you do make it to the end the ending is pretty good and unexpected, I mean I would have never done what they did. This is a movie for the girls and definitely not for the boys, So don’t be upset when I give it a Four out of Ten

Rating: 4/10


Author: Parker The Critic

I like watching movies. But more importantly I like reviewing them.

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