It Comes at night

it comes at night 2

Nice job done by the previews in making this look like one scary movie except for all things considered it wasn’t. From the previews you will get an impression of a very scary movie that fits in the category of flesh eating disease and decaying. Where they do a great job is in hiding back what makes this movie scary. And they did it for a great reason too.. To hide that fact that this movie isn’t really scary at all. The best thing that it had going for it in this department was the short lived attempted at suspense. Every time I thought something scary was about to happen it didn’t and just turned out to be a total let down.

So what do we got here. Well its hard to tell for the longest time and even at the end you are still thinking what was this movie truly about anyways. The movie begins by showing the worst of the disease and gets it out of the way making you think this is as worst as it gets or it must get a whole lot worse. Unfortunately this is as bad as it gets.

The whole point of this movie reveals itself slowly as simply don’t catch the disease and this is what the movie focuses on the whole time. The only other variable involved is the other family that they allow to stay with them in their house in the woods. Eventually this becomes the movie. two families living in the same house trying work together but at the same time can’t trust each other. In fact in the condition that they are in they can’t trust anybody.

Resources seem to be scarce and the people that did decided to get out of the city are the few that have not gotten sick. The importance of taking precautions and having rules is made explicit throughout the plot and even making it another core concept of this movie.  The family cannot be too careful, they live in an abandon house out in the woods and have it boarded up except for one door that is the only way in and out. Most of the exciting thrilling scenes happen around this door being that its the place where most people end up getting sick.

Composed of better than normal acting and screenwriting this is what makes this movie bearable to watch, though it is expected finding out that it had nothing really els going for it. Most of the progression in the movie was slow and some parts even unnecessary or completely drawn out way longer than they needed to be. You might say after watching it that it has since of artsiness to it, being much different than other suspense/horrors movies tend to be.

The actors playing the main family did not look to be a good match for each other as it was difficult to tell if the son was really even related to the father. Both the father and the son were interesting characters. They acted and looked to be totally opposites. The son was probably the strangest of them all. He would have these strange dreams every night that would actually be the scariest parts of the movie, which was really disappointed. But on top of that he was a bit of a disturbed individual having to deal with so many people dyeing and his inner drive pushing him to find a women when there is none except one.

Many people talked about how the ending of this movie was really just not good. I didn’t quite think it was that far off from the rest of the movie and that it all pretty much was expected, being how boring the rest of it was. Yes, they could have done a better job in closing up this sad story but if you think about it, it does the job in pulling together and closing the whole theme of the thing.

My recommendation don’t be fooled by Rotten Tomatoes on this one, and listen to the fans instead. This movie gets a Five out of Ten

Rating: 5/10



The Village


I am a tad bit late on getting to finally watch this movie after so many years of wanting to see it. I mean common, the whole concept of something eerie going on in some little community out in the woods just sounds like a cool idea for a film. Or maybe its just me.. M. Night Shyamalan has always been a good scary movie writer. His movies are good in the way that they create a since of fear in us unlike other scary movies do that have make something very disturbing to scare us. Rather he takes what is simple and real that can be feared and makes it hidden and unknown so that we stay worried for the characters because of the very thing we can not figure out. This very technique is nicely played out in this film The Village. We know from the start that there are killer creatures that occupy the woods and that the people of the village know that no one is to go into the woods less they never return. This is a similar idea to the story of the ‘Maze Runner’, except they are trapped in the middle of a maze instead of in a village in the middle of the woods.

There are really three main characters in this film that play important roles. There is Lucius Hunt who is played by Joaquin Phoenix. He plays and excellent character being brave yet quiet. He is always wanting to cross into the woods to get medicine from the towns for the village. He believes that a pure heart and fearlessness will prevent the creatures from wanting to harm him. His character speaks of a man who is willing to test the boundaries of the society for the good of the people. With the type of man Lucius is there are not many others like him in the village and this makes him attractive to the women. However Lucius is to noble to acctually ask a women to be his lady. luckily for him, the women seem to do the picking and choosing of soul mates here.

There is a old past of love between Lucius and another main character Ivy Walker, who is played by Bryce Dallas Howard. This love they once had is strong and not forgotten. It shows the watchers how a true love for a person never drifts away completely and how there are soul mates that are meant to be with one another. Ivy plays a pure hearted and faithful blind girl. She is beautiful, caring and trusts in her man. The two of them are really quite different in how much they speak. Unlike Lucius, Ivy talks a lot and even gets annoyed at him when he does not talk enough with her.

The other key player is Adrien Brody who plays Noah Percy, a mentally challenge man who takes fondness to his caring friend Ivy. Noah often frequents the woods and again his safe returns is based on the notion that his innocence prevents the creatures from harming him.

We see the young generation that includes the three main characters naive yet curious about the true power of the unknown and willing to test it for the good of their community. The elders are the ones who have come up with the rules about not going into the woods and other rules to protect their community that they are well set and established in. The authority shows to be exhaustive in their rules to the point where they will not even take a chance for somebody to try and go into town to get something as important as medicine that could mean the difference between life and death.

Many of the scary parts in the movie have to do with their cultish rituals they practice to keep the ‘things that are not to be spoken of’ from coming into their town. But the idea itself of some sort of monster living just right outside of your community that keeps you trapped in the community is a pretty frighting reality. You receive glimpses of these creatures and what they are about through scary sounds and short glimpses of the creators and the things they do throughout the film. The further you get into the movie you figure out more and more about them as the movie goes on. Eventually love, jealousy, and the failed hope for something greater leads them to abandon the elders long set rules about entering the forest. In this story the brave and pure hearted prevail and the jealous and controlling are repaid for what they have done.

The people in their fault in this story question if the way they chose to solve there problems and pain was at all the right way. They quickly see that the pain and heart ache that they tried so hard to  protect themselves from was to deny the basic truths about life. Nevertheless the corruption continues to go on as those in authority continue to control the naive.

The best part about this movie is the object of fear itself. The story shows that fear is of the unknown and what you think is real might actually not be real at all but just what you perceive as to be real and harmful. Even when we find evidence for the doubt in what we have been taught to fear, the movie demonstrates  until we truly no for sure we will always believe in what we are afraid of and be scared. I would have to say this was one of the writers top films and will have to give it a Seven out of Ten.

Rating: 7/10