Frankenhooker (1990)


Talk about a weird one. When I came across this film I felt like I finally found something worth watching.. well at least interesting in a weird since. The way this film was made from how it was filmed to how nutty and insane it is really put it at the top of my list of being one of the strangest more unique movies I have ever watch.

A scientist obsessed with his work spends most all his time working on his dark experiments. For his wife’s birthday the scientist invents her a birthday gift, being as dangerous as it looks unfortunately kills her in a freak accident. Torn up about his wife being slaughtered to pieces he becomes mad and begins to bring his dead wife back to life by using the body parts from dead hookers.

Most of this movie can be described as dark and horrific diminished by the addition of comedy in how absurd and ridicules the whole plot is along with the acting. I really thought that there would be more to this movie than there actually was but most of it had to do with finding out how insane the guy was, putting together his wife, as much of the movie focused on this.

There was a lot of time and detail into how he was to recreate his wife, which I thought was unique and could imagine watching this one on a spooky halloween night. The later half of the film really pick up on the comedy and by my opinion was more entertaining. Some of the best parts were watching him find out how he was going to kill the hookers and then watching his finished work have some demo errors.

Frankenhooker (1)

The scientist really plays an insane dude marked by his methods of coping and getting inspiration for his creation. He is as insane as he is smart in how the way he devises his plan to work out so nicely.. well for the most part.

A lot of parts of the movie do not make a lot of since and I am guessing there are a lot of mistakes in the filming as I caught a few scenes that did not quite add up. Along with that there were many things I questioned asking myself “does this even make since?” but I guess the movie was not trying to be logical.

The end of the movie was probably the best when you get to see his finished creation escape and make its way around town looking and acting absolutely hilarious. Its like he forgot to give it a brain. The Frankenhooker repeats scripts from past moments leading up to the death of the hookers and has one focus in mind, make money by being a hooker to get the next dose of drugs. Except she is basically like a zombi being robotic in movement and tweaking every five seconds. Her facial tweaks are the best, probably being the best acting in the whole movie, making me wonder how any body could make such faces.


The end of the movie is quite funny bringing pay back from Frankenhooker onto her creator. He is probably glad to be back alive but didn’t expect to look the way he does. Lets just say he is not at all that masculine but that is what his formula called for to recreate life.

What this movie really is a combination of is bad acting, bad directing, bad filming, with a hilarious story line. Its to bad they really couldn’t have done a better job in putting this movie together but I guess it reflects the mad scientists work. I had a hard time watching this movie with how cheap the effects were but it sort of added to the comedy. It was hard to tell what era the feel of this movie gave off being between the 80s and 90s but I feel like it gave off more of an 80s vibe. This movie would fit the perfect description of a cult classic and was worth the watch even though it basically sucked. Im giving this movie a Four out of Ten.

Rating: 4/10


Alien: Covenant


So…. Michael Fasenberger is the main character in this film and WOW… I mean wow.  This film, is a quandary of horrible acting and inconceivable drudgery.  I could not wait until the rolling credits.  But i did like some of the darkness vibe and tone it gave off.  That made it somewhat cool and enjoyable but it still lacked some grit. Every single scene lack heart and it just feels like they are going through the motions.

Ridley Scott is the director of this film and you can see him reaching, trying to find his roots in the direction of this film, but i feel he falls short here.  Promethius, the pre sequel, was a decent film, certainly a better piece of work then this was.  The 1979 Alien will stand the test of time for when it came out, there really wasn’t anything like it.  It set people off into an adventure into a world of cutting edge SCFI that in my personal view, had surpassed Star Trek.  I really view Ridley as a legend, but its time to put this franchise to bed.

The acting was subpar, but Fasenberger was incredible as usual.  He has been good in most films thus far in his career, and even with this script that wasn’t designed for greatness, he makes it work.Danny McBride always plays the funny character but this is one of his more serious roles by a longshot!  I don’t like serious version of him at all. Lame.  Incredibly lame.  I mean, why cast him in this film?  It makes no sense to me.  He is not good at pulling off this type of acting and it really shows quite profoundly.  I just felt sorry for him honestly.

This movie is not worth the admission though.  If you are a diehard Alien fan and love Ridley, red box this one night in the near future when you are bored and have nothing to clll your time in a more productive fulfilling manner.

By: Mark Dupler

:Rating 3/10