The Good Place (Season One)

The Good Place

The Good Place is a NBC premier that I found to watch on Hulu. At first glances seeing the cover you will get the impression of an easy going simple comedy, and that is exactly what it is. The whole Idea behind the show is actually quite clever and you would imagine that being about an after life concept that it would be pretty good. Well let’s just say my expectation were not quite matched to what I had anticipated.

Kristen Bell and Adam Scott are the only two recognizable actors that I noticed in this show. The show was made by the same crew who does Parks and Recreation, hence Adam Scott being apart of this cast. In know way does it come close to comparing to Parks and Rec though, which I had hopes for.

The show lasts typically less than 30 minutes and it is neither a documentary or sitcom. It is a show with a plot that will unfold slowly over the continued seasons. although the acting is not as good as it should be for a show like this with the cast and script doing as good of a job as your basic sitcom.

There are a lot of interesting and surprising things that happen through out most of the episodes that literally could be said to be the main chew of what makes the show survive.   The comedy is week and the potential to where this show will go with the plot it has is scarce. Most of the thrill and suspense has to do with the drama that is played out in the characters trying to find out why the good place is falling apart and how those who know why it is falling apart are going to fix it and keep the reason hidden.

There is much mystery and a thought for this show’s story to branch out to expanded bounds. The introduction of new characters would be a plus as the small circle of main players that are happening right has about met its final existence to what has currently happened. Viewers will be quite curious to see the next season of this show as the possibilities to where it can go form here are endless. Lets just hope that the second season out does the first. This show lands a hard Six out of Ten.

Rating: 6/10


Addicted to Fresno


Talk about a movie you just want to run in the back ground so that your home doesn’t feel like a quiet place. What attracted me to this movie was ultimately Aubrey Plaza who I really learned to appreciate from the Parks and Recreation show. In this movie she plays a lesbian fitness coach who has a major thing for the chick in the middle of the photo above Martha played by Natasha Lyonne who is also a lesbian.

Basically this movie is about the two sisters (the girls on the left) trying to get away with accidentally killing this gross guy. But in the process they get blacked mailed into having to pay $25,000 dollars to make the body disappear or getting turned in to the authorities.

This movie is a comedy but is not by any means super funny. I think I giggled at one part in this film. It was sort of entertaining and was not to long so I was able to finish it out to the end. The story seemed to flow fairly nicely and it stuck to the plot.

Judy Greer plays Shannon who is the one sister who is struggling with a sex addiction and has come right out of rehab. Even though it didn’t seem to help her much because her therapist lover rigged the system so that she was released early. Shannon does a great job of playing this character as she just about screws every other man she meets and happens to be more crazy about having sex than the guys she is screwing.

The other sister Martha is really a good sister as she does everything she can to help her sex addicted sister to recover and then get away with the killing. Her main hang up is trying to find a girlfriend and even though she has her eye out for this one chick there is the fitness coach Kelly who she won’t give the time of day too.

The ways these girls try to come up with the money to pay off the black mailers is sorta funny despise the fact they pretty much fail at getting the amount of money they need. There lack of anxiety for the situation they get themselves into is quite surprising as they do a horrible job taking care of the dead body and spend most their time caring about their own personal lives.

Addicted to Fresno ends nicely with happy endings.. well for most people, at least the main characters. This film is really just average, with average people, in an average town, with normal lives, and average jobs. I guess it’s relatable, but this film didn’t really do much for me and I have seen a great number of better ones. This movie is worth receiving a Three out of Ten.

Rating: 3/10