Coyote Ugly (2000)

coyote ugly

This has been a movie that has gotten a lot of talk about in my time. Every body seems to like Coyote Ugly. It is just one of those movies that this generation has sort of grew up with. Yet never being attracted to it before or even now I decided to give it a look’n at to see if it truly was worth all the hype.

Well It didn’t take long to see the big connection between the movie and my generation, which would be in the 20s and 30s age range. It just really hit the mark on being your typical 2000s movie. What makes this such a rememberable and well talked about movie was its feel to get you rooting for this girl thats just trying to make it on her own, that is the main character Piper Perabo, and the sexual appeal being cute but inappropriate to most conservatives. Not now of course, knowing what they show now on the media is way more sensual than ever before. But lets talk more about what this movie entails.

Being just another girl in New York trying to make it, Violet tries out at one of the more wilder bars in town. She needs the money and she is willing to do just about what ever it takes, besides showing to much skin if you get my drift. This is not an easy gig as Violet will have to step way out of her comfort zone if she is willing to keep the big money flowing in.

Most of the entertainment in this film is watching the Coyotes dance and do bar tricks on top of the bar. Of course you can see how this would be more fun if you were actually at this bar. But if you just drink with the rest of the crowd and watch the movie on a big enough TV it will be as good as if you were actually there. Other things to look forward to  are boyfriend drama, Daddy drama, and of course bar fights.

Personally I think Piper Perabo is way to sweet and innocent to play the character of Violet as she just does not look as sleazy as the other Coyotes. To be honest half the time I was scared for her that one of the guys at the bar were going to harass her, as close as they actually came to doing it. Its no wonder why her boyfriend and dad disapproved of her career.

So we got that the bar scenes where basically the best part of the movie right good thing this took up most of the screen time. Everything else about the movie pretty much made me want to die. The acting was so bad and the side drama with the two other men in her life just made me want to throw up. But for the record I think most movies that came out around this time pretty much all sucked.

John Goodman played a decent part being the girls father and all. I couldn’t really see how she would have been born from him but I guess you can pretty much make anything work in a movie if sucks already. his character fits the girls life just perfectly with Violet being his all in all and her being the daddies girl and trying to look out for pops best interest.

I can’t believe Im saying this but this movie is getting a Six out of Ten. Not because I liked it or thought it was any good but because it deserves some credit as being as popular as it is.

Rating: 6/10




Raising Arizona (1987) Dual Review

Raising Arizona 1

P: Being one of Nicolas Cages first movies, Raising Arizona to me was something of a gold mine, knowing that I was going to see some of his primal work. It was indeed fascinating to see how odd this movie was in combination with the low life characters. Many things I appreciated about this film were simple things like how nuts the characters were as well as the dynamics and interactions between them. The plot line actually being comical with this strange couple stealing a baby for no other reason than to just want to have and love it themselves. The way the film was shot gave it that cult classic vibe.

P: This is more along the lines of being a dark comedy if anything, knowing that your primarily laughing at their sad twisted way of trying to have a baby. So what this movie is about is this barren couple who happen to be not that swift, take desperate measures to quenching this ladies baby fever. Seeing that their very wealthy neighbors just poped out a litter of five they rationalize that they have to many babies to handle and decide to take one off their hands.

M: Nicholas Cage really plays the character well and plays an imbecile well.  He’s about 24 years old in this one and his acting is superior than most at this age.  You wouldn’t think it but he’s really better in his first movies than his later and most recent.  John Goodman is also in this one and he is like 30 at this point.  This is pre Roseanne Goodman and he really does a number in this one.  You see his success here, and looking at him now, you can tell his calling was for the acting department.  The rest of the characters didn’t do a thing for me, and didn’t really add much to the story.  The acting was subpar and not on the level of the two i have discussed.

P: You can find it pretty hilarious to watch this couple try and take care of this baby. For one they really don’t know what they are doing. Two, they just want to do all the fun stuff that comes with being parents of a child but when it comes to actually taking care of the child this is where its funny to watch them fail. Most of the laughs you will have probably will be at watching Nicolas Cage scramble around trying to take care of the bare necessitates  of having a baby, as well as his spouse yelling at him for being a bad father and screwing up so much.

M: The plot was very simple but very strange indeed.  Ed, the wife played by Holly Hunter is the only responsible adult in this film.  I felt sorry for her actually! But this element is equally hilarious!  My favorite parts are when Goodman gives Cage crap about being the man of the house.  He asks him on a couple occasions who wears the pants in the house whenever Cage is getting harassed by his wife about things.  The 80s comedies like this are one of a kind, a true treasure.

P: There is an additional element to this flick that adds just the right amount of edge to it. That is the bounty hunter biker dude. He’s known for killing anything in his path. And when I say anything I mean anything. This guy really puts the fear in Cage’s character as he knows that what he has done is getting more attention from the authorities and now this bounty hunter from his dreams is out for the hunt for him.

P: The movie does have a happy ending as all those involved in this rat race find out exactly where they belong and decide to make the adult decision. If your a big fan of Nicolas cages films this would definitely be one to watch as you get to see some of the best of him. He throws out some of his best voices, original one liners, and one of the most hilarious sloppy characters he has played yet. Im giving this movie a Six out of Ten.

M: So to wrap this up, let me just say I highly recommend it.  I think it takes someone with a special sense of humor to find this funny. Not everyone will like it.  If you don’t think early 90s Adam Sandler movies are funny then pass on this one because you will just think its very silly. Eight and a Half out of Ten

P. Rating: 6/10

M. Rating: 8.5/10

Final Rating: 7.25/10