Saint Clarita Diet (Season 1)

saint clarity diet

As old as Drew Barrymore has become she still hasn’t lost her tough as a great actress. She stars in this new Netflix Comedy as a zombie wife/mother. Not to worry though she isn’t the mindless zombie you might have pictured. And with her family sticking by her side and even finding her more fun and cool than she use to be being a zombie may not be all that bad for this little suburban California family.

The show wastes no time in getting into the mess of having Drew become undead and having to learn how to live with this not so lively lines. Her process in becoming a zombie was interesting and yet still confusing but I guess they can make anything work these days. Lets just say its not your traditional zombie transformation.

The family is new and improved lively you might ironically say as they were once.. well before the big change sort of broken. Now they have a mission help, help keep mom with us. It’s strange in what can bring families together. Even though they have come together they start living a more reckless and entertaining life style that is full of bold moves and excitement which makes the episodes fun to watch.

As the show progresses. they end up killing more an more “bad” people, as they justify there actions, to help keep mom fed so she doesn’t start becoming to zombie minded to the point were she is eating her family. but as time progresses her illness brings new challenges that call for innovative solutions to keep her form deteriorating and becoming more fully zombie than human.

The show in its entirety is a interesting concept that would spark most seasoned comedy show watchers attention. Plus any show that stars Drew Barrymore has to be one you must add to your list to watch, as she has been the highlight in many great movies.



Wonder Woman (2017)


Let me start off by saying that I had no expectations going into this film. You see I am not a super hero movie type of guy. They are far and few between. The last good one I saw was Batman The Dark Knight. Now that was back in 2008, so as you can see I sort of gave up on this genre a long time ago. You might say Super hero movies are a brand of movie that has now just taken off in popularity in the past decade or so. Leaving the film industry with a lot of new material to work off of. Making it an exciting and fresh new genre for movie watchers and especially for the large population of comic book fans that happen to be out there. So you might ask, why this movie? what made me want to watch this one? Well it did get tons of hype for one thing and secondly some friends of mine who have already seen it in theaters more times than I would ever deem a movie worthy of watching talked  me into going. So here I am, and my experience was worth every penny, even though I only paid $4.50. Score!!

At first I wanted to say this movie had a rocky start. I really had to hold my self back from laughing and I chuckled through the first 15 minutes or so. It might have been something to do with all the women and how feminist like they were. Besides that, the little special island all the women fighters were on was pretty cool and I really appreciated how beautiful it looked.

I guess they really didn’t expect for man kind to have such deadly weapons because they literally were no match for the germans with there archaic weaponry. And I didn’t under stand why they would lie so much to Wonder Women unless partially it was just them being as ignorant as I began to notice they were.

Anyways the the movie started to pick up when Wonder Women and Steve, the guy she goes out to save the world with, begin their mission. Most of the comedy can be summed up in Diana/ Wonder Women being ignorant of how the real world works. This act carries a long way and never gets old which had me laughing my butt off.

You don’t really know what sort of powers Wonder Women holds in the begging of the movie. They did a good job in revealing her powers by little bits at a time allowing you not to get board but super excited to see how she was going to conquer the next challenge. Her character is also heart warming which makes you want to root for her. She has a spirit to do good no matter who or what gets in her way and she shows no partiality.

The movie really takes you on a whirlwind of emotions as there is some loss and some victories, joy, love, brotherhood, pain and suffering. The progression of the movie was perfect and there was not time for a dull moment to miss any part of this film. The mystery in wondering if there truly is an Eras god of war who is causing all the evil leaves the watcher wondering how this movie will all end. The ending is quite good as you do not see it coming.

I am happy to say this movie gets the highest score I have yet to give on a movie on my review blog. This one took me by surprise and I would mention that I do not give out scores higher than eights that often but this one deserves it. Wonder Women gets a Nine out of Ten.

Rating: 9/10


Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates


Staring: Zac Efron as Dave, Adam Devine as Mike, Anna Kendrick as Alice, and Aubrey Plaza as Tatiana.

An outragess comedy about two brothers who got a bad rap for wrecking wedding parties or any party for that matter. When their sister is up to have her wedding the brothers are forced to bring dates, “nice respectable girls”, who will occupy them and keep them in line from ruining this wedding.

The movie starts off by reviewing the past wedding experiences where you can see that these boys go hard causing more destruction than a good party, at least at the end of the night. They make up a plan to put an add out on Craigslist to get their dates for the wedding promising an all payed trip with them to Hawaii. Pretty good so far right. Well they interview a bunch of women who they find none to be worthy. Eventually their Craigslist add catches wind by the media and there little plan goes out for the US to see on TV. Then these two wild women who are just the opposite of the part these guys are looking for, act and dress the part of “nice respectable girls” so they can snag a free vacation.

This movie has no dull points and I am quite upset that I had to get up and take care of some quick things missing just a few minutes of this movie. Literally I found it difficult to find a slow moment in this movie to get up and do what I needed to do. I came to see resemblances in this movie to two other great comedies, Step Brothers, and Wedding Crashers. Step Brothers in that the two brothers and and their family dynamic in how they act and relate to one another is so similar, but it was not redundant to the point where they wore it out. In comparison to Wedding Crashers There is a similar story thats going on between the two guys and there dates. Were with one couple love is in the air and with the other couple there is a struggle in becoming close. Except for in this movie the roles are reversed sex wise.

So what stood out to me with this movie was how equally funny the two guys where and the two girls. Both of them shared the highlight of the comedy very well, at some point I even thought they where at tug of war with one another on who should get the trophy for most hilarious duo. What really surprised me was Aubrey Plaza’s performance. I don’t think I ever seen her so wild and rambunctious, not in a bad way but in a superb funny way. She really took it up a couple of notches from previous parts she has done and I would say it was her best performance.

This movie really has something for every body in it as they touch on pretty much every base of what people will find a good laugh at. For some reason I really didn’t here much talk about this movie or it being a top flic in the comedy realm. It might be because it did not get the best rating by popular critics such as: IMDb 6/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 35%, Robert Ebert: 1.5/4. Yeah not good scores. Well I would encourage you to give this movie a try and I bet you if you give it 10 minutes, you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen from the worry of missing any precious moment. This Movie deserves a Eight out of Ten.

Rating: 8/10