Krampus (2015)


Do you like scary movies that also can be something to find a little bit funny, well this one is just that. This one takes a cast of comedians and sticks them in a not so jolly story. Most horror movies would not take a cast of comedians to be apart of an unhappy ending but it actually worked out for this movie as the actors could really act and throw in a little dash of comedy on the side.

Having all the family over for christmas the family has difficulties getting along with one another leaving a bitter vibe in this house. Pushing one of the little boys over the edge the boy gives up on trying to bring his family together and ends up bringing a curse upon his house hold with the anti Santa Claus demon leading the show.

I never really thought this movie would be any good based on the previews seeing all these comedians in this scary movie and it being about and evil Santa Claus character but it actually wasn’t that bad when watching it. What captured my attention was the way they kept the watcher guessing for answers. Allot of the movie at first is filled with suspense as they are trying to figure out what is going on. The blizzard is also a nice touch as it makes it difficult to see what exactly is happening.

The movie is full of creepy monsters and a frightful setting that makes a perfect concoction for a scary movie. There is no mercy for any of these family members from the little children to the old people creating even a more fearful feeling. Krampus’s little minions make this movie that much better as they are just as evil and ruthless as can be. It sort of reminded me of a bunch of Chuckys or gremlins causing havoc. The way they created how Krampus to look as the monster is also quite good and when ever you get to catch a glimpse of his face that is one of the most scares faces I ever seen. I bet it would make an excellent halloween mask.

The funny parts of this film really do make the frighting parts easier to bare as they are mixed in together really well. The family’s dynamics is quite hilarious as most families in movies are but this movie does not fail in this area by any means. There was also a lot to poke fun at when your watching the family fight Krampus’s little minions. I thought the movie ended well with the Krampus acting like he would show pity but he is as evil as he can be. The ending was also great as it throws your mind for a spin in wondering what actually happened to the family. This movie is watchable but only something that you might want to watch on halloween and without the kids I might add. This movie receives a Six out of Ten.

Rating: 6/10




Black Mass (2015)

black mass

Black Mass tells the true story of Whitey Bulger a infamous criminal of south Boston. Whitey Bulger partners with the FBI to take down some other groups of gangsters that he also wants out of the picture for protection from the FBI. Sounds like a win win for Whitey. Well part of the deal was that he could not kill anybody and that he could not be dealing drugs. Well being a psycho like Whitey is this didn’t last long as he pretty much killed and did what ever other crime he wanted to. This must have been worth it to the FBI or at least some of the members as they where being promoted and getting raises for getting the best intel they ever had. Eventually Whitey starts to burn out as all his crew gets caught and decides to rat on him for a lesser sentence.

This movie started off great looking like a real gangster film comparable to the Departed one of my favorite films of all time. It even had a Matt Damon look alike in it, (Jesse Plemons) who even plays a similar character in this film as he did in the Departed. Although as the film goes on you definitely get the since that this is not going to be near as good as the Departed.

Jonny Depp plays an outstanding criminal as he is just a real bad man. You can see how psychotic he is by how many people he kills and the ways he does it, killing his crew and basically just any body who happens to strike the smallest of nerves in this man. He’s smart, he’s evil, and he’s powerful as he controls the FBI and everybody around him.

Probably the best part of this movie was all the violence and killings other than that there wasn’t really much left to offer. The end of the movie dwindles down explaining the fate of Whitely Bulger and his crew members as well as some of the FBI agents who get involved in cover up his tracks.

You should watch this movie if you’re really into Jonny Depp or have a thing for biographies. If I would have truly known what this movie was worth before I had watched it I probably wouldn’t have gave it the time. If your looking for a Boston gangster movie with FBI agents trying to take them down I would stick to The Departed. Black Mass gets a  Five out of Ten.

Rating: 5/10




Pan, the prequel to the Disney’s Peter pan movie as well as the prequel to Hook.  The movie came out in 2015 and I have long waited to watch this movie anticipating that it was going to be good by the previews and my past experiences with the other Peter Pan movies mentioned previously but I have to say this one came up on the bottom of the totem poll… Haha you get it because of the natives.. oh well.

Pan is about how Peter pan got his start in Neverland. Peter is abducted from the pirate Blackbeard, which is not original at all, and is put into forced labor with the rest of the thousands of orphan children that he has collected over the years to feed his selfish desire of guess what.. Youth. So surprising right. While working in the mines looking for fairy dust he meets another orphan who strangely is the oldest of them all, who is named Hook. Peter and Hook hook up.. 🙂 to escape the slave camp and get out of Neverland and find Peter’s lost mother, Both being separate goals. While on their mission they run into the natives and Peter finds out that he is the chosen one, the one they call Pan. Wrestling with the idea that he is suppose to be the natives and fairies savior from Blackbeard’s evil scheme, he fights to uphold his destiny of the chosen one by trying to fly.

As boring and poorly made as this film was it did have some highlights but first lets review where it failed. It was very poor in being exciting. There where many scenes that could have put you on the edge of your seat but they didn’t quite tip the scale there. Most of the movie was boring and expected. It was literally Blackbeard and his crew running around chasing Peter Pan and his friends from one place to the next. Chasing, a fight seen, a capture, chasing some more, a fight seen again, some one gets captured, repeat. Oh no. they are about to die.. not. Then there were these giant birds that happened to have a lot of screen time. Guess what they where called.. Neverbirds, go figure. Well, these birds look absolutely ridicules, I don’t know if they where suppose to look scary or stupid. They were rainbow colored and moved liked a skeleton.

One good part about the movie was how they tied in the other peter pan stories to this one. They made a lot of good connections between the characters and how they came to know each other and explained how their relationships came to be how they are in the original Peter pan movie and Hook. Another place that they did well in was giving the characters the personas that they had. The personalities and the looks of the characters made a close match in looking and having the same characteristics as the previous Peter pan films. Lastly it was neat watching Peter pan fly. I think they made the way he flew very cool and realistic. To tell you the truth that was probably the most exciting part about the movie was watching him fly, sadly enough.

To give this movie the credit it was worth, I think it would be a good watch for a 9 year old. It certainly could not keep my eyes glued to the screen, I basically surfed the internet and looked up from time to time as i listen to kids yipping and hollering and the sound of clashing swords. Any grown adult who has seen a few movies could watch the first 30 minutes of this, as it is the most entertaining part, and then have the since to turn it off. After that the movie just got boring and boring until the end which at that point was almost unbearable. This movie was a sad film and I don’t recommend you watching it unless your just obsessed with Peter Pan. I give this movie a Four out of Ten.

Rating: 4/10