Pan, the prequel to the Disney’s Peter pan movie as well as the prequel to Hook.  The movie came out in 2015 and I have long waited to watch this movie anticipating that it was going to be good by the previews and my past experiences with the other Peter Pan movies mentioned previously but I have to say this one came up on the bottom of the totem poll… Haha you get it because of the natives.. oh well.

Pan is about how Peter pan got his start in Neverland. Peter is abducted from the pirate Blackbeard, which is not original at all, and is put into forced labor with the rest of the thousands of orphan children that he has collected over the years to feed his selfish desire of guess what.. Youth. So surprising right. While working in the mines looking for fairy dust he meets another orphan who strangely is the oldest of them all, who is named Hook. Peter and Hook hook up.. 🙂 to escape the slave camp and get out of Neverland and find Peter’s lost mother, Both being separate goals. While on their mission they run into the natives and Peter finds out that he is the chosen one, the one they call Pan. Wrestling with the idea that he is suppose to be the natives and fairies savior from Blackbeard’s evil scheme, he fights to uphold his destiny of the chosen one by trying to fly.

As boring and poorly made as this film was it did have some highlights but first lets review where it failed. It was very poor in being exciting. There where many scenes that could have put you on the edge of your seat but they didn’t quite tip the scale there. Most of the movie was boring and expected. It was literally Blackbeard and his crew running around chasing Peter Pan and his friends from one place to the next. Chasing, a fight seen, a capture, chasing some more, a fight seen again, some one gets captured, repeat. Oh no. they are about to die.. not. Then there were these giant birds that happened to have a lot of screen time. Guess what they where called.. Neverbirds, go figure. Well, these birds look absolutely ridicules, I don’t know if they where suppose to look scary or stupid. They were rainbow colored and moved liked a skeleton.

One good part about the movie was how they tied in the other peter pan stories to this one. They made a lot of good connections between the characters and how they came to know each other and explained how their relationships came to be how they are in the original Peter pan movie and Hook. Another place that they did well in was giving the characters the personas that they had. The personalities and the looks of the characters made a close match in looking and having the same characteristics as the previous Peter pan films. Lastly it was neat watching Peter pan fly. I think they made the way he flew very cool and realistic. To tell you the truth that was probably the most exciting part about the movie was watching him fly, sadly enough.

To give this movie the credit it was worth, I think it would be a good watch for a 9 year old. It certainly could not keep my eyes glued to the screen, I basically surfed the internet and looked up from time to time as i listen to kids yipping and hollering and the sound of clashing swords. Any grown adult who has seen a few movies could watch the first 30 minutes of this, as it is the most entertaining part, and then have the since to turn it off. After that the movie just got boring and boring until the end which at that point was almost unbearable. This movie was a sad film and I don’t recommend you watching it unless your just obsessed with Peter Pan. I give this movie a Four out of Ten.

Rating: 4/10


The Village


I am a tad bit late on getting to finally watch this movie after so many years of wanting to see it. I mean common, the whole concept of something eerie going on in some little community out in the woods just sounds like a cool idea for a film. Or maybe its just me.. M. Night Shyamalan has always been a good scary movie writer. His movies are good in the way that they create a since of fear in us unlike other scary movies do that have make something very disturbing to scare us. Rather he takes what is simple and real that can be feared and makes it hidden and unknown so that we stay worried for the characters because of the very thing we can not figure out. This very technique is nicely played out in this film The Village. We know from the start that there are killer creatures that occupy the woods and that the people of the village know that no one is to go into the woods less they never return. This is a similar idea to the story of the ‘Maze Runner’, except they are trapped in the middle of a maze instead of in a village in the middle of the woods.

There are really three main characters in this film that play important roles. There is Lucius Hunt who is played by Joaquin Phoenix. He plays and excellent character being brave yet quiet. He is always wanting to cross into the woods to get medicine from the towns for the village. He believes that a pure heart and fearlessness will prevent the creatures from wanting to harm him. His character speaks of a man who is willing to test the boundaries of the society for the good of the people. With the type of man Lucius is there are not many others like him in the village and this makes him attractive to the women. However Lucius is to noble to acctually ask a women to be his lady. luckily for him, the women seem to do the picking and choosing of soul mates here.

There is a old past of love between Lucius and another main character Ivy Walker, who is played by Bryce Dallas Howard. This love they once had is strong and not forgotten. It shows the watchers how a true love for a person never drifts away completely and how there are soul mates that are meant to be with one another. Ivy plays a pure hearted and faithful blind girl. She is beautiful, caring and trusts in her man. The two of them are really quite different in how much they speak. Unlike Lucius, Ivy talks a lot and even gets annoyed at him when he does not talk enough with her.

The other key player is Adrien Brody who plays Noah Percy, a mentally challenge man who takes fondness to his caring friend Ivy. Noah often frequents the woods and again his safe returns is based on the notion that his innocence prevents the creatures from harming him.

We see the young generation that includes the three main characters naive yet curious about the true power of the unknown and willing to test it for the good of their community. The elders are the ones who have come up with the rules about not going into the woods and other rules to protect their community that they are well set and established in. The authority shows to be exhaustive in their rules to the point where they will not even take a chance for somebody to try and go into town to get something as important as medicine that could mean the difference between life and death.

Many of the scary parts in the movie have to do with their cultish rituals they practice to keep the ‘things that are not to be spoken of’ from coming into their town. But the idea itself of some sort of monster living just right outside of your community that keeps you trapped in the community is a pretty frighting reality. You receive glimpses of these creatures and what they are about through scary sounds and short glimpses of the creators and the things they do throughout the film. The further you get into the movie you figure out more and more about them as the movie goes on. Eventually love, jealousy, and the failed hope for something greater leads them to abandon the elders long set rules about entering the forest. In this story the brave and pure hearted prevail and the jealous and controlling are repaid for what they have done.

The people in their fault in this story question if the way they chose to solve there problems and pain was at all the right way. They quickly see that the pain and heart ache that they tried so hard to  protect themselves from was to deny the basic truths about life. Nevertheless the corruption continues to go on as those in authority continue to control the naive.

The best part about this movie is the object of fear itself. The story shows that fear is of the unknown and what you think is real might actually not be real at all but just what you perceive as to be real and harmful. Even when we find evidence for the doubt in what we have been taught to fear, the movie demonstrates  until we truly no for sure we will always believe in what we are afraid of and be scared. I would have to say this was one of the writers top films and will have to give it a Seven out of Ten.

Rating: 7/10


singles large

This a comedy/romance that has to do with two different couples coming together. Well there actually is a third single lady that is in the story and ends up meeting someone. Oh and two side characters that end up getting together but the movie is mainly about these two couples. For being made in the year it was made in ‘1992’ it is actually a decent film and I’m not all for romances that much But they always seem to trick me into watching them. Any ways, each individual single in the film is struggling with their own separate and different relationship issues based on past relationships that went wrong and so forth. And yet they each have their own way of meeting their special person in knowing what they want in a relationship and how to get it. Each character mirrors a different personality when it comes to the dating side of ones self. I personally saw pieces of different people that I happened to know in how they went about the dating game. The rocker/musician is the guy you might know who acts like he doesn’t really care about his relationship because he has so many women dyeing over him. And he doesn’t realize what he has lost and what he once had till its gone and then tries to chase after her because now he truly knows how much she meant to him. Then you have the desperate girl who will pretty much do anything to meet a guy because she has spent to much time alone in her life to go on any longer. But she doesn’t find mister right until some man admires her unique and individual weirdness that no one else cared for before hand. These are some of the struggles that are shown in this film that singles go through. They are real and accurate and you can relate. At some points during the film you might even find some wisdom that speaks to you and your relationship life.

I found it interesting how all the singles and character either know each other or end up knowing each other in the end and how all the different story ties are woven together to make since. I thought this was a cool aspect of the film and something that brings the story a more comforting feeling to it. The music was indeed good as I heard lots of great hits that I love and which really brought color to the story. Most the songs were that of rock and grunge that really match the theme of the movie. That being with Matt Dillon being a rocker and all the singles going to rock shows throughout the film as if that were their main hangout. Another neat aspect of the film was the cool film shots and places where they film seems took place. The main apartment building they kept on showing that had a sign out that said “for singles” was really a neat little complex and again gave off that happy feeling as if you wanted to live there yourself.

Being a romance an all, the movie kind of lost my attention at times but with some comedic relief I was able to bare through it. Another positive I liked about this film is that there was many wise things to learn about relationship and how they work. How people think about the people they are romantically attractive to. I would have enjoyed a little bit more comedy than there actually was but the film wasn’t a comedy and Im going to have to deal with that. The film was still neat anyway and I would say its worth watching for a group of girl friends or for a couple as movie night. Now for the final decision Im going to give this film a Six out of Ten.

Rating: 6/10



There was not really much to choose from last night on cable but this film caught my interest more than the rest. Seeing that it was based in the 1950s is what probably made me want to watch it more than whatever else was on. Something about how stuff looked back then and the cars and technology and how so much different it was to how it is now  always makes a movie more fun to watch. Along with this element going for it, The movie also portrays how love and attraction toward a person is a very strong force. The main character in this film is a jewish boy who goes to college to be a lawyer. While at this college he is very self centered and head strong for no one but himself. The boy once being able to getaway with being so independent at home in the comfort of his family, no longer can as he experiences the need to get along with people and work things out with people in a forced society. Although the boy never does learn and stays in his ways which ultimately leads him to his ruin, there is the strong force of love which he has for this one girl who admires his strong pride and boldness to speak his mind. The boy is taken by the girls beauty and high upbringing which ultimately attracts him to her but he misses the fine print about her. All the boys logic and rational thinking are blown out the window for a girl, a girl who will bring him to his falling.

At this time and era in america girls sensuallity was not at all a common thing but something that was definitely frond upon. Right from the get go the boy gets a taste of what this girl is capable of and doesn’t know what to think. Like any right minded man of that time he wrestles with the idea of what to think about her and if he should continue seeing her or not. Ignorantly the boy misses the clues that she has mental issues and even after she hints at them and tries to tell him the truth he continues to want her more and more despite the fact.

It is left a mystery what true psychiatric problems the girl is dealing with but what ever it is, it  is manipulative and destroying. The boys mother does not miss how broken and destructive this girl will be for his sons life and like any good mother she tries to steer him toward his best interests.

The boy tries to rational that the girl is the way she is based on the inference that her parents must be divorced. This girls family and life parallels the boys own parents who begin to have marriage problems after he moves away to college. His mother speaks of his father starting to change and act strangely as if he him self is starting to lose his mind and go psychotic. This pain the mother feels from the father losing it, is what makes her super protective of her son from falling into the same problem. The son does take the mothers advice and decides to stay away from the girl. But the strength of love is to strong and sends him looking for her. Unfortunately it is too late by the time he goes searching for and that he finds out she is back in the mental hospital from a nervous breakdown. the Boy struggles with this as being he fault or not and after realizing what happened to his love he makes a bunch of bad decisions that brings his life to an unfortunate ending.

Not much is said about the boys parents and what happened to them. And the movie is even unclear to what happens to the boy. There is a glimpse from a scene that leaves you guessing if this is a dream or actually the boys life. And on the girl, well its clear what happened to her but there are clues at the end that hint why she lost it and is now permanently in a state of mental psychosis.

The other part of this film has to do with the title indignation. This is fueled by the school dean and his push on the boy for what he thinks the boy should be as a developing young man. Most of there differences have to do with the underlying need for religion which is hinted at as they talk and his push for his students to attend chapel. This in turns deeply pushes the boys temper. The boy being an atheist takes the deans inquiries about his side on matters of God and forcing him to go to chapel as an impingement on his rights. Being as the boy is stern in standing up for his rights speaks his mind to the dean as if he where not his superior. Then again the boys character makes and end of him.

The movie is really quite sad and strange. It makes us think that we should not try to be like this boy with his prideful character. Even though I would have to say the movie was well made for what it was, it wasn’t one of my favorites by any means and I only decided to finish it to write this post. I will never again watch this movie and I will not recommend it for any type of movie occasion. I give Indignation a five out of ten 

Rating: 5/10

A Bronx Tale


You know when you can tell a movie is going to be good right off the get go. When it starts talking about the town and the people, the different characters in the town, what was going on at that time and that era. Well this is how this movie starts. The main character, the boy, narrates the film by describing his life and his story as he grows up in an Italian neighbor hood on the corner from the god father gangsters joint who runs the neighbor hood. You might be thinking this is a gangster movie right. Well not so fast Its not as much about italian gangsters as it is about this boy’s life and his influence from The lead gangster Sunny and his father who is played by Robert De Niro. (In fact the film is directed by Robert De Niro himself and filmed in the memory of his father Robert De Niro Sr.). But besides that the boy like all of us as kids is just trying to grow up to be like his role models, trying to be a cool kid to impress his friends. The kid necessarily has two role models Sunny the god father gangster and his father. There is a lot of direction the kid is getting from his to father figures Sunny and his biological father and both conflict. But really the kid just wants to do what is right so he tries to follow both which puts him in a rough place at times. But then there is a third influence on his life a lesser of the two but still takes some pull, this is his friends. Just like you and me when we are kids we all want to impress our friends for the most part. But sometimes we decide to hang around and sort of be there when we know we shouldn’t, when we know that we are going to get into trouble hanging out with the friends of ours.  This is whats going on in the kids life. Finally there is a fourth influence on the kids life and that is this girl that he likes where he tends to make decisions based on love.

This film paints a great picture of Italian and black New York in the 1960s. With Gangsters running the towns and race hate between blacks and italians. It shows a small snip bit from the bigger picture of what was going on. Meaning the story does not really go outside the neighbor hood.

The kids father plays a loving character just loving his son so much and wanting the best for him. And like any good loving father he does not want him to be hanging around Sunny the main gangster. His father tries to push his son to be an honest hard working man, as he is and to not get involved in the kind of life Sunny lives. The kid respects his dad but ultimately respects the power that Sunny holds and does not want to throw away the relationship between him and Sunny. This puts the kids in a tough spot like i was saying, but in reality both the father and Sunny have their best interests out for the boy. Sunny has the kid’s back on the street and can even be recognized as another father figure to the kid and with the kid having this relationship with Sunny the Kid learns valuable life lessons from him.

The kid falls in love with one of the black girls that goes to his school but with the segregation and rase hate going on at the time it makes it difficult for them to be together. You see the hostility and hatred equally from the italians as you due the blacks. But the film doesn’t really end up telling you what happens between the Kid and the girl.

The end of the movie is sort of depressing but there is some peace that is reach and reconciliation that is met. It never reveals what happened to the mother. Just at some point in the film she is no longer apart of the movie, which I thought was strange, unless I just missed that part. Yet with the movie being a depressing as it was I wouldn’t want to see it again. It was more of just a one time thing for me. It was neat in the sense that it put a new spin on gangster movies and it had some surprising parts in it and a great plot.  But I definitely would have liked to see a better ending. With how neat an original the film was and for being made in 1993 it was a very nicely made film. Better than most I seen from the early 90s. I’m giving this movie a Seven out of Ten.

Rating: 7/10




I was stumbling through the movie channels this morning, thats the time when I usually spend wasting my precious time watching TV or in this case movies, When I stumbled across Nerve. You see, when I am trying to choose what movie to watch one of the first things I look for is the cast and year. This tells me allot about the movie. First a great cast can make all the difference in how good or bad a movie will be. Well in this case I am a huge fan of Dave Franco and I have heard of and maybe even seen Emma Roberts before which indicated to me that this might have a good chance in being a decent film. Then I considered the year. 2016 was a decently good year for movies. I have noticed by the movies i have watched that came out in this year that they tended to be pretty good. Plus if your not watching a classic then a fresh film is always worth something to consider because it offers new and unseen filmography which always draws my interest. So, having this movie on my list and it just starting I had just about two to three minutes to scan the channels for any other possible contenders. Heck, to be honest I didn’t really want to get rapt up into a two hour movie to start my day. I just wanted a quick fix of easy entertainment to enjoy as I sipped my usual morning hot tea and ate my white powdered donuts. Any rate while I was doing all of this I was thinking about the synopsis I just read which sounded exciting. Something about people playing a game that had them do dares. Okay, so that interesting and different. With that going though my head and flipping through the channels while a little tiny box in the right upper hand corner of the TV was playing this film ‘Nerve”, I could not take my eye off it. There were so many amazing colors and neon light that just drawled me in  and made if feel exciting and new aged. And right off the bat about 5 minutes into it the plot begins, she starts the game. Okay, at this point I am hooked. I flirted with the bait and I took it. Now the film has my full attention.

You have seen movies about games and about risk and about thrill but this one has a certain edge to it. It is like ‘Tron’ in all the neat neon lights that really make the movie futuristic and new age and at the same time a little bit like ‘Final Destination’ in that there is death waiting for its moment to strike at every turn. What kept me interested in this movie was that I did not no where it was going until half way through and what I though I had in mind to where the plot was going was wrong. Basically at first I did not give the movie the credit it was worth because where it ended up going was so much better.

Nerve has a great mix of excitement, thrills, and love. Its exciting in the sense that you get to watch people do these dares that you would never do yourself unless you were on the crew of Jackass or unpractical pranksters. But what I enjoyed about the dares is that they were not unrealistic like so many movies try and throw at you. You know what Im talking about, a bunch of junk they try to project that you know could never really happen, but this movie sticks to reality.

Unlike some movies that are about games people choose to play and regret like ‘Saw’, ‘Tron’, and ‘Would You Rather’ the game people play in this movie is very real in the sense  that it could easily be done. The concept is so simple yet so ingenious it makes you think twice about what you choose to join and sign up on online.

This movie was fun In the aspect that its not just people playing some sick game and slowly dyeing off because there is no hope left for them to escape. No, like I said earlier there is love, partnership, and the chance for good to concur the evil. Plus most the time they are just having fun doing harmless dares which is fun and entertaining to watch. But there are many other characters beside the main two who are played by the actors I mentioned in the beginning. and they all play a role and a part in the big picture which I liked.

Anybody between their teens and young thirties would enjoy this movie most. With all considered I possibly would watch this movie again with a friend if asked or if there was nothing else on and I was desperate to watch something. Overall I would recommend this movie for those to see. I give it a Seven out of Ten

Rating: 7/10

About Parker’s Movie Reviews

This is the post excerpt.

Logan Theatre

I always thought it would be neat to be a movie critic. Sitting in the theater or at home on my comfy chair or couch drinking my favorite soda or beer I have watch countless movies and have always had great opinions and judgments on them. I would tell my friends and my family and even some stranger I just met who didn’t really want me to spoil a good movie that they where hoping to some day watch but those judgements and critiques would never be written down for others who truly cared to hear how great or how bad some film really was. Now this is my time to share with all of you who might care about what I have to say about a movie you plan to see or maybe have seen and you want to see if another person thinks the same as you about it when all your friends think other wise.

I am very picky about the movies I see these days and I hardly will ever go to the theater to watch one unless I have a hunch that it will actually be good or els my girlfriend wants me to go see it with her. Frankly with all the movies I have seen in my life time there are few and far between that are actually worth watching. But every now and again one catches my eye as I am sporadically flipping through the channels measuring my options on what I should watch right before it gets to the point where it is to late to start watching the one movie I had in mind because now its to far into it and I would dare not try watching it with out knowing what happened in the begging… I know I sound old fashion. Your probably thinking doesn’t this dude have Netflix or Direct TV? I do or use to or it just doesn’t work any more and I haven’t took the time or spend the money to upgrade my merchandise because I  believe there are better things to do than spend all your time and money on TV, and movies. Like writing this blog for instance, This is way cooler than wasting your life away watching other people have amazing and fun adventures.

As you will come to notice if you choose to read my movie reviews Im comedy guy. So don’t get upset if you don’t see something on our favorite drama or your some unrealistic action film your all hyped up about. Not saying I won’t write on these categories either, Im just saying you will probably see a lot more Comedies. Okay, that about raps it up for what this blog post is all about. Hope you enjoy, If not, I will still have a good.