Suicide Squad (2016)


It’s nice to see a super hero film not made up of your typical super hero’s. Yes, Its good to see the bad guys to be the stars of the show for once. This is an interesting group of villains coming from different criminal back grounds. They each have their own stories of how they became notorious criminals and they each have their own special skills that when put together they make an excellent team to save Gotham. They don’t really choose to take on this task of saving Gotham from the witch and her sorcerer brother. No, They are forced to by a way that they have no control over. Well they do have control but if they choose to not except this mission then it will truly blow up on them. Their mission is to stop the witch and the sorcerer from making the humans come to worship machines. I didn’t really quite understand this from watching the movie but maybe it has to do with the town people becoming machine themselves. Okay lets review this movie by analyzing the hero’s/villains.


Deadshot: Played by the best of the best Will Smith. Even though it is not his typical movie he did a great job playing this part. The movie starts out with him working out inside his prison cell. Which it is not surprising to see him getting a pump if you ever seen any of his other movies. He seems to like to show that he is a strong stud of a man. His character seems to have a bone to pick with Batman but his love for his daughter is more important as he surrenders himself to the police. Deadshot’s main goals seems to be to get out of prison and care for his daughter and he is willing to stick to the mission given to him and do a good job holding the team together to do it. He definitely makes the other military guys look like a joke with his supreme gun skills by never missing a shot and having super fast shooting speed.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn: Played by Margot Robbie does an excellent job in playing the character that I think stole the show. Most of the attention is placed on her and her history and relationship with the Joker, which made the movie a lot more than just a bunch of DC Villains saving the world. I never really understood how she came to be so skilled in combat but I do enjoy her weapon’s of choice, a sexy white pistol and baseball bat. With her outfits, makeup, and say whatever, do whatever she wants attitude, there is no doubt she definitely deserves to be the the star of the show and the reason why you might want to watch this movie. Who new crazy could ever be so hot!


Captain Boomerang: A legendary bank robber, maybe not one of the most important characters in the film yet he still contributes by slashing up the witches machine army with razor blade boomerangs that seem to be more effective used as melee weapons  rather than throwing knives against these guys. Not too trust worthy as a criminal partner though, as his whole scheme is to use them to rob banks and then kill them after the job is done. His whole character is sort of based on a joke being apart of this team as he tries to make funny jokes and is always taking a break from the fighting to slam down a quick beer. Where does he get all these beers at anyways.. I would like to know. Maybe his little magic plush toy that he hides in his coat makes them poof right out of thin air.

Killer croc

Killer Croc: not at all my favorite hero out of the bunch but I guess he does contribute. He is super strong and his weapon of choose is himself. He definitely got some anger issues or an inferiority complex  because of how people treat him as an animal/monster. He says very few words throughout the movie and the lines that he does say are not really that meaningful. They also could of done a better job on making him look a bit better, he wasn’t that cool looking to me. They should have taken notes from the Fantastic Four seeing that the The Thing turned out more decent. But I guess they needed a guy on their crew to look like a monster to really give them that final touch.


Katana: Not actually a villain like all the rest although she does become part of the team of the suicide squad. She functions at the start to keep the squad in line and from doing anything stupid, then ends up fighting along side them. She actually can do quite a bit of damage with her samurai sword and does quite a number on the main sorcerer bad guy at the end. She comes from a dark past as the film shows that her sword is actually cursed.

rick flag

Rick Flag: Military man who assigned to lead the team in saving the world. Actually his real motivation is to free his girlfriend June Moone who has been possessed by the Witch/Enchantress. Im not really sure how some one can be in love with a possessed girl, but I guess it can happen. Rick Flag makes a strong leader and does well to keep the team in line with his calm cool and collected attitude. Yet when the situation wills it he is not afraid to stick to his word and blow somebody’s head off for stepping out of line.


Diablo: This is one cool cat with a mess of tattoos and a super power that anybody would want to have. He makes out to be one of my favorites of the squad. He has a great background story as it goes into his family and how and they ended up catching him. This man has made a lot of mistakes with his great power he was born with and these mistakes have humbled him to live a peaceful non confrontational life. He does not help the squad for most of the movie as he tries to avoid using his power. But then he is pushed by Deadshot toward the end into being a big help for the team and maybe even MVP.

I will give this movie more credit than most critics. It deserves a Seven out of Ten.

Rating: 7/10


Bread and Butter (2014) Dual Review


M: This film is about a thirty year old virgin red head who is very troubled by her lack of love life.  She is a receptionist at a counseling center.  Her boss is an egotistical nutcase that is concerned for her and especially for another young man who is also a virgin( that being the least important thing he’s dealing with!)  She is a very boring person and really does not have much going on in her life except for constant anxiety.  Ameila has a little crush on the troubled young man named Daniel, as does he have one on her.  Ameila also has a love for books that turns her life upside down.  One of the books she picks up leads her to a very eccentric  man named Leonard.  He’s left messages in the book so he can be found by the reader.  She eventually finds him and they start seeing one another.  He is a troubled atheist who is severely depressed and jobless.  Ameila is drawn by him because she is desparate too lose her virginity in storybook fashion. Daniel and her also progress in their relationship.  Who will she choose?

M: This film is not what its advertised to be at all. Hulu had it in the comedy section, but I did not laugh but a few times.  It’s more like a drama with a few chuckles along the way.  Ameilas character is a little annoying, and not the most likable.  Daniel is the most interesting character to me, and thats not saying much as he is rather dull.  But Leonard is presented as an intriguing character, but he doesn’t come off that way.  Rather, just a sad and disappointing human being.  Ameilas boss is somewhat funny, but annoying as the film continues.  The movie does a decent job on being realistic as far as the dialogue goes.  This is more of an indie film and it definitely has the vibe with its soundtrack.  What the film tries to accomplish, I’m not sure.  I just have one big takeaway.  If you are trying to make a film about filling the void of someones lack of love life, try doing a better job!

P: Ameilas obviously want’s a more fulfilling life for herself as she works at counseling office and has read every self help book there possibly is but she is not really doing a good job at this. She lacks self-esteem and self-worth as you can tell from her lack of using makeup, living at her parents, and being afraid to drive.

P: I don’t know how she ended up getting a boost in her dating life from her boss seeing that he is a major fluke portraying himself as a professional when really he is just a life coach, AKA I have no license to do what I am doing, but he actually can be called the cause of her success. Breaking so many ethical laws he tries to hook up his client with her, his assistant, and encourages to have sex saying that this is a healthy move. He takes it even a step further and at the end allows her to be his therapist.

M:  The only part i liked in this film was the scene where Daniel and Ameila are riding their bikes and run into Leonard unexpectedly.  You could cut the tension with a knife it’s so uncomfortable.  You really feel for her here, and don’t want her relationships to be ruined.  They all end up going out for drinks together and while they are sitting together, the suspense keeps you drawn in.  For me, i was pulling for Daniel to trump Leonard and get the girl.  He chugs his beer once he gets it and it made me laugh so hard!  As the viewer, you finally have something to care about in this film.

P: You get a hint that this Leonard is a real creeper and psychopath once Ameila meets him for the first time. But as the movie goes on you become more sure of your first impression. He weirdly starts to be possessive of Ameila and Ameila likes it. Really the most normal character in this film is Daniel who who is seeking help from the quack self help coach. But maybe Ameila is meant to be with this weird do as she is weird herself being obsessed with Pies and fantasizing about having sex with unknown men and having pies smeared all over her at the same time.

M: As the film draws to conclusion, we see Ameila move on from Leonard and Daniel.  The one success she has in the film is that she finally learns how to drive. Yes, you read that right.  She is terrified of driving, and in the ending scene, we see her driving  and enjoying herself.  So this is the reward the audience gets for enduring this torturous piece of work.  How anticlimactic  can the writers get?  Once the credits started rolling I was so happy that i had not spent my money at a theatre for this. This movie gets a Two out of Ten  

P: This Hulu film is just one laugh at rather than laugh with as your realize you have have to tear it apart rather than admire it for entertainment. This movie gets a Five out of  Ten

Parker’s Rating: 5/10

Mark’s Rating: 2/10

Combined Rating: 3.5/10



Spectre (2015)


You really can’t go wrong watching a James Bond movie, I mean there is just enough action and excitement in these films to keep the viewer drawn in for hours, and when I say hours Im not kidding. don’t ask me exactly what this movie was about besides the obvious, 007 trying to save the world by taking on the world all by himself. He pretty much does and can do whatever he wants no matter what his bosses tell him. I guess thats the type of life you get to live being someone as awesome as James Bond.

I really thought this movie was going to be awesome, as I usually have never been disappointed by a James Bond movie. Theres just so many good fight scenes, shoot outs, car chases, explosions, and a bunch of amazing other things normal people never really get to do. Plus 007 is just such a cool guy. He reminds me of the most interesting man that ever lived.. you know from the Dos Equis commercials, but in this case the real deal.

007 is classic James Bond, just in this movie he is not under anybody since M is dead and she was really the only one that James ever payed respect to. He still does the same ole stuff and and gets into the same ole situations as he did in the previous films. Its basically like a retake of the other movies but with new material. He still seduces women to get info out of them or to get them to do what he wants. He still always wears a suite no matter what he is doing. He still goes through extreme random torture and takes it like a man, coming out a okay after he escapes.

What I did really appreciate about this James Bond film was the arch villain Blofeld played by Christoph Waltz. I love this actor and I think that he can play an excellent character, especially a protagonist such as in Spectre. Additionally I think they made a good pick for James Bond’s little girlfriend side sick Madeline, played by Lea Seydoux. She was very pretty and could hold her own. She also wasn’t as subdued to 007’s charm as where the other women giving her that strong women quality of not being to easy. “Good pick 007”.

There where also many beautiful scenes as James can pretty much explore the world in a matter of days and can have the best direction in knowing where he is going without a map or a GPS. But for all I know he probably had a build in GPS implanted in his brain or something, being a secret agent in all. But other than all this good stuff.. and this normal stuff.. the only real hang up I had with this film was how long it was. I could not believe they needed this long to make this story happen. It was so long and it was unnecessary to go on as long as it did, to go from the short length of point A to point B in this story. I mean I could have missed an hour of this movie and not even have notice I missed anything.

Despite how long it was it was decent and definitely not boring. I would save it for a good late night film though if you don’t want to waste your day away. Spectre gets a Six out of Ten.

Rating: 6/10

Risky Business

risky business

Risky Business holds the worth of being one of Tom Cruise’s original films. Coming out in 1983 this marks as Tom Cruise’s fifth film. I am not usually in the mood for a classic that goes back to the 80’s but this one turned me in a different way after reading the short bit on what it was about. It is a comedy about a senior in high school who’s parents leave for vacation. Tom Cruise plays this character and at the time he does not feel so highly of himself as all his friends are getting into the best of Ivy League schools while he is just sitting at average on all his academic standings. Tom Cruise has this best friend of his who is played by Curtis Armstrong, who persuades him to take advantage of his parents being gone for the week by having over an escort or classy prostitute. This advice from his friend gets him into a big mess, which he will have to use his entrepreneurial skills to get himself out of before his parents come back home from vacation.

Like I was saying earlier about how not to many 80’s movies really impress me, It’s not that they are bad movies actually the movies from the 80’s are pretty good. Its just that the music in these 80’s movies are just so gosh darn offal. If you have ever watch an 80’s movie you will know what I mean. They all have the same lame music themes that they tend to play at the begging of all the films and some times throughout the whole film. Well good news, this movie has very little of those annoying rhythmic sounds that they call music. In fact they have a pretty decent sounding playlist for this movie that really does a good job of capturing the different moments.

I also really enjoyed the camera angles and picture effects used to capture the feel of the different scenes. For example when Tom Cruise’s parents are leaving for their trip, they shoot the whole scene from the eye’s of Tom Cruise’s to really give you the feel of how a child might see his parents as “Mommy and Daddy”. Then there was the film effects at the end where him and his girl friend are on the train. The picture effects on that scene make it unforgettable and everlasting.

One of the trends I saw in this movie was for these high school boys to appear as adults in all the smoking and drinking that they where doing. Throughout almost the whole movie Tom Cruise was smoking a cigarette. I don’t think he was necessarily doing this because he really enjoyed his smoking habit but more so that it made him feel cool. You always see him wearing these dark shades and lighting up cigarette’s whenever he is feeling like the man. They also like to throw around the F word, and whenever they say it, it even makes what they are doing even cooler. I guess you really get to see how immature senior boys could be in that day.

It was also surprising to see how easily it was to find these women of the night. There seems to be a whole listing of them back then in the news papers with every sort of sick twisted desire you can possibly want. His friend rambles a bunch of them off then you get to read them yourself as Tom Cruise is searching through the papers for his good time to have. I would not recommend these papers because it seams that you cannot even distinguish if who you are trying to get is a women, man or something in between.

The one prostitute that he does sleep with is the other main character of the film who is played by Rebecca De Mornay. She is an attractive women, young, and definitely can get Tom Cruise into some trouble. You can tell she has some issues that she is not willing to talk about with Tom as he tries to engage her right before she “accidentally” ruins his life. But luckily she is not that messed up and they end up helping each other out working as a team, putting their skills together. Its actually surprising how well it works out between them seeing how many issues they run into with one another.

There are a few nude scenes in this film as well as allot of sex, Tom Cruise happens to get allot of action in this one. The film goes from wild passionate sex where they are doing all over the house in all sorts of different positions to and epic sex scene that I mentioned early in the part about the picture effects. This last epic scene happens at the end of the movie where him and his prostitute girl friend decide to do it on a train. This by far is one of the most epic, rememberable, scenes that you will see in a movie. This is the part that you will remember this movie by and the reason why you will want to watch it again, just to see them do it on the train.

For anyone who wants to see a good throw back Tom Cruise film this is a good one to watch. Its funny, the story line is original and it got’s something for everybody in it. what I would compare it to is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It has pretty much the same concept going for it except I would have to say Risky Business is more unpredictable and can offer the watcher a lot more than just a few kids playing hooky. This is a must watch film, and even though I would probably give it a more average rating than I’m about to give it right now, I will consider when it was made and compare it to movies of that time. For an 80’s movie I give this one an Eight out of Ten.

Rating: 8/10

Thelma and Louise


Being faithful to my Hunt for the WilderPeople post I mentioned next time I watched a Hulu Movie I would watch this one. I have to say it did look like it would be a good movie seeing that it showed this cover I have above as the advertisement on Hulu for it, as well as it being about two cool looking chicks as being outlaws on the run. Unfortunately that was not the case.

This 1991 Crime/Drama/Comedy film Features Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis as the two out laws chicks and two main characters who are running from the police trying to get to Mexico because of some misfortunate incidents that happened and their responding to them in unlawful ways. The movie basically starts off with them taking a weekend road trip to get away from their husbands and the usual grind. But what begins as a friendly road trip turns into these two women trying to not get caught for what they did standing up for themselves. These girls are real fire crackers and you learn that you do not want to get in their way.

Most of the movie is shot with them driving around the west getting into more trouble as they come across different people who are either hound dogs wanting to get in their pants or cops who are trying to capture them. Other than that there is not really much that happens beside a bunch of girl drama as they cry and laugh and bond over their lives going down hill with all the trouble they are getting themselves into. While they are driving toward Mexico and finding themselves a criminals more excepting, they begin to look, act, and take on more criminal persona. They just don’t care any more and its either go to jail and get caught, or escape or die.

Each of the characters play people that are so much different from each other in the way they interact with Thelma and Louise. Thelma’s husband is a real selfish ungrateful bad tempered man who can’t even treat his wife with any respect. No wonder we see Thelma leave home without telling him and then want to have a good time with all these other men she meets. But we can be proud of Thelma because she has the most character development as she goes from a wimpy push over to a strong cool women who gets what she wants. Louise plays the smart take charge girl who doesn’t let any body push her around. She has this boy friend that gets a hint that she is leaving and not coming back. Then he goes from the tough guy who’s like, I don’t need to be in love with a women to make me happy type to a lets get married I’m sorry babe I love you fellow, once he finds out that she has the guts to walk away from the relationship. Then their is the main detective who seems to hate all other Criminals (especially Brad Pitt) but just is all for these two women and wanting them to go scot free. Obviously he is the right guy for the job. Anyways back to Brad Pitt, I bet you want to here about him. Well he plays the nice guy who wins Thelma’s heart but just like every other dirt bag she meets he to ends up screwing her over. I mean he told her he was a criminal but love can put blinders on people who fall into it.

Basically this movie was really boring and their wasn’t really much to it besides the bonding of the two girl friends. I mean after awhile you get tired of seeing these girls drive around the desserts of west Texas. But I guess the cool part was they never gave in and they went out with their guns blazing.. well more like a wheels a turning. You will know what I mean if you ever decide to watch this movie and make it to the end, which was very difficult I might add. Although if you do make it to the end the ending is pretty good and unexpected, I mean I would have never done what they did. This is a movie for the girls and definitely not for the boys, So don’t be upset when I give it a Four out of Ten

Rating: 4/10

The Young Messiah (2016)


People might think. Oh its just another movie about Jesus, but this one is different. The Young Messiah is unlike all the other movies about Jesus in that it attempts to provide an account of Jesus’s life before his ministry that is told in the gospels of the Bible. The movie starts out with the birth of Jesus and then skips ahead 7 years to where this story takes place with child Jesus. There is not much of a plot to this movie, but to represent the life of Jesus as a child at the age of 7 and what that might have looked like. The representation they give can not be held with much truth as the story told in this movie is not part of the scriptural cannon and therefore cannot be considered as being fact. Non the less these things have a possibility of bing true which makes this movie to be pretty interesting and thought provoking.

The inferences they made and the conclusions they drew to create the life of young Jesus were clean and well taken in the way they took the history and what the scripture actually tells us about Jesus to get as close to a true account of his young life as possible. Supposedly after 7 years of thinking that the Messiah was killed by Herod’s raid at the time Jesus was born there is rumors in Israel that there is one who is doing unheard of miracles like never before. This is the first questionable truth about this movie, was Jesus doing miracles at this age? It is hard to say if he was but the idea of him doing miracles at the age of seven before he started his ministry is not impossible. Though you might think if he was going around healing a bunch of people and bringing dead people back to life he would be kind of starting his ministry and once you start doing things like that it is hard to hold back and just stop not continuing flourish from there. This is one of those aspects of the movie that make it hard for me to believe as being accurate. Another part of the movie takes the one account that was actually mentioned in the scriptures about his youth and twists it to be similar but obviously not the same story as we here in scripture. In the gospels it mentions a short story from Jesus’s adolescent years where he is lost by his parents after returning from Jerusalem and the passover celebration. Jesus’s parents had left Jesus back in Jerusalem assuming that he was with the group when actually he had stayed back to question the rabbi’s about scripture. Now in this movie he is probably half the age of what he would have actually been when this happened and instead of getting left behind on the way back home, he goes ahead of his parents on the way there. This again is hard to put stock in as actually happening when we would think that Jesus would not trouble his parents twice with the same situation.

Besides the falsifiability of the claims made about Jesus’s youth there are many pleasing aspects about this movie. One piece that I found quite appreciative of, was the characters close representation to the true people we find in the Bible and how the gospel presents their personalities and characteristics. It is surprisingly believable that this was the way that the people in Jesus’s life and even Jesus himself would have interacted, felt, and thought according to the way they did in this movie. It was also neat to see some of the less mentioned family members in Jesus’s life that you don’t here to much about in the scriptures, for Instance the brother of Jesus, James, and his uncle Cleopas. These characters were very interesting in the ways of what there personalities were like and how they interacted with young Jesus.

The protagonist of the film is Herod, and the Devil. These characters help give the film its story line as they try to destroy the young messiah that has now come on the scene stirring things up in Isaiah. The Devil was given the correct amount of power and a accurate way of how he was using it to destroy this boy who was doing nothing but good by possessing Herod to have the boy found and killed. Though where I think the movie went wrong was making the Devil not being able to recognize that Jesus was the son of God. In the Bible the Devil and his demons know exactly who Jesus is as they proclaim and shout out that Jesus is the son of God. What the movie did do well is in the way they revealed that Herod was in fact possessed, which was very clever and symbolic.

Despite the faults in accuracy to what scripture tells us the movie did a good job in sticking to the development of Jesus into coming into understanding who is was and whathis purpose was. It presented him with accurate attributes of the true Christ and a clear picture of how he may have developed into the full grown man Jesus that we read about in scripture. Jesus was shown to have great power and wisdom as a child and this was what I actually might think would have been true about him. This was a great movie about Jesus unlike any of the many other ones out there on him and it is enjoyable and heart warming to watch as it will raise your spirits about our good Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I give this movie a Seven out of Ten




Fast & Furious 8


Okay…. where do i even begin?  You might ask yourself if viewing this 8th installment is worth the admission or if its yet another Hollywood time trap and you will be left leaving the cinema in awe of how much time you wasted.  Let me preface by saying that this movie will not shock or surprise you in any way if you have seen the previous 7.  More of the same, its all really the same!  Almost like a repeat episode.

In this film Vin Diesel’s character goes rogue and appears to align with the super sexy vixen Charlize Theron.  No Paul Walker of course, not even cgi Paul for that matter.  When he does go rogue, you automatically know it will be for good reason.  I won’t spoil t for you for why he does, but lets just say its predictable as crap!

Wouldn’t it be great if Diesel actually just went rogue because he was falling in love with Charlize?  How crazy would that be? It would shake the audience to its core.  Instead….. instead 😦 we have to suffer throughout the bland predicaltbiity that we have all grown accustomed to with this film franchise as of late.

The Rock is funny in this movie somewhat, but some of the lines are cheesy and fall short on the laugh o meter.   Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris do what they do best throughout but it doesn’t have the same flare as it used to.  Ludacris looks like he is just going through the motions on autopilot.  Seriously needs to go back to rapping ” move trick get out the way”.

Jason Statham has the  best performance as i can tell from the get go he is sticking with what has always worked and been his niche.  The movie flows okay and by the time we get near the end, you really can’t tell that two hours have passed by.  There are good races and action as usual and the fight scenes are second to none.  Charlize Theron’s character is not interesting to me and she tries way too hard to portray a psychopath.  You feel no connection , and she comes off as an actress that has lost her way.  I know thats not the case after watching Monster.  She is superb and very talented but missing the mark here and we can see right through the fluff.

So my final thoughts:  Get liquored up for this one.  Go to a movie grill and have some drinks i all I’m saying.  It will make it way more enjoyable and you will probably just laugh at the absurdity.  Cheers!

This movie received a Three out of Ten

 By: Mark Dupler

Rating: 3/10