Permanent Midnight (1998)


Ben Stiller plays Jerry Stahl the key player in this film. 90 days out of rehab Jerry meets this women in a motel for a fun time. Based on his poor performance they get to talking about their past lives and then moving from just sex to sex and heroin. Jerry tells his story that night in the hotel room to kitty about his past drug addiction. Jerry is a writer and a pretty good one at that and he does the normal walk of life but the only difference is he gets caught up in drugs.

I would have to say this movie was pretty disturbing. I know it was a drug movie in all but I felt it got right down to the cold hard facts of what being addicted to hard core drugs can actually look like and do to a man and his life. The movie didn’t start out that messed up. Its hard to tell what the first drug is that they are doing in the movie but by comparing them to the other drugs as the movie went on, Im guessing it was the gateway drug weed or maybe it was crack hard to tell.

PermanentMidnight 4

At first it looks like Jerry is able to function and function pretty well on the heroin as he goes about his career and seems to get multiple opportunities for different gigs in his industry. He also becomes pretty good at hiding his drug use from his wife who I think is a little too forgiving of the fact that her husband as a heroin addict. His addiction to heroin really starts to become obvious when he has to shoot up whenever his last dose wears off or he becomes stressed. You get to see how he becomes more out of control and brain dead as his heroin addiction becomes worse. He can’t even carry on a conversation and half the people he knows or meets he either tries to score from in the most desperate ways.

Eventually Jerry switches one drug for another as he is pushed to get clean from the heroin to keep his new job. He checks himself in to rehab where the Doctor pretty much tells him how sick he is from his addiction. Jerry does not take his rehab that seriously since as soon as he walks out the doors of the clinic he is met by this god forsaken drug dealer who sells to people trying to get off drugs. This guy is real messed up as he get Jerry addicted to crack and pretty much sells him some all the time even though he wants to get off it knowing how jacked up the crack makes him. Some of the scenes with him on crack are pretty messed up as it show war this drug makes people do.

Most of the saddest parts of this movie involve Jerry running in to other people and how sick and disturbed Jerry looks to the outside world even though he can’t necessarily see it  himself being high all the time. But The people that he runs into just doing his normal life while on drugs would make a normal person feel so shameful and you really feel sorry that a guy like Jerry could drop so low. Toward the end Jerry eventually gets caught and sent to jail in the most sorrowful circumstance ever. Although your happy for the guy after seeing that he finally is going to get some help.

PM 3

This movie was hard to finish seeing how messed up drugs actually are in the hand of an addict. Most the time this movie just gave me bad feeling and made me sad and depressed. It even took me a while to stop thinking about it after it was over and the way it effected me lingered. I will never watch this again, not because it was a bad movie, but just because I like watching stuff that makes me have good feeling and not nightmares. This Movie gets a Six out of Ten.

Rating: 6/10


War Dogs

war dogs

This was actually a pretty good movie and one that I would want to see again as I felt I missed some of the finer details. I was watching this a couple nights ago and didn’t get to finish it but I had to finish it up since it was such a good movie. This movie is about David Packouz who is played by Miles Teller and Efraim Diveroli played by Jonah Hill. Although the story is mainly about Miles Teller and how he moves from a message therapist too a national guns dealer to help support his new baby and get away from his last job that he hated.

Efraim Diveroli is bad news for David as he swings into town and gets David to work for him. Efraim looks really impressive to David with all the money he is making and his take no crap, do what ever he wants life style. What David doesn’t relies is what kind of crazy work he is about to get into and also what kind of guy his boss really is. Efraim will do any thing to land a deal even if it puts him and David in harms way or doing something illegal. On top of this David doesn’t find out till later that even his best friend is willing to lie and screw him over.

Running guns is and exciting and risky business as you can see from what these guys do and how they do it. They also come up with some very innovative and clever ways to get some of their transaction accomplished, which might even motivate you to come up with your own business idea. Basically the whole idea of the business they are in and how they end up making so much money off it is really ingenious. Like he say’s in the movie, Its a gold mine.

This movie was really comparable to The Wolves of Wall Street although it was not as good. Something about this movie just had me drawn in, I guess it might have been how fast these guys were moving up in the latter of social class. There is just something about watching people succeed and make a bunch of money that just really gets you pumped.

My favorite part about this movie was Jonah Hill. I always think he does a great job in all the parts that he plays and he did a great job in this movie too. It’s a combination of the crap he says and the stuff he does that just really never fail to surprise me and make me laugh. One specific think about Jonah Hill in this movie that really was the icing on top of the cake was his laugh. It was so horrible in a funny way and just how many times he would make that laugh every time it was just so funny. I don’t know if that is his real laugh because I never noticed really in his other movies. but then as I think back I have heard it before, I just think in this movie he really exaggerates it and makes it a real fun part of this film.

The Movie ends decently but it was nothing really special. Im just real happy for David and how he ends up. He really was a good guy and only wanted the best for his family. If any thing I think the movie ended kind of fast and there probably could have been more of a story on how it ended. But overall I really liked War Dogs and would recommend it if you are a fan of Jonah Hill or just like movies about under dogs rising to the top of the economic chain. This movie deserves a Eight out of Ten.

Rating: 8/10

Mamma Mia! (2008)


This is a fun go happy movie, family friendly, and just whole hearted good fun. I chose to watch this movie because one, I needed a good pick me upper to raise my spirits. Two, what better than a fun happy musical with great 70s music set on an old villa beside the sea in Italy.

The movie starts out with Sophie played by Amanda Seyfried, who I truly think is a beautiful women and an amazing actor, finding her mothers journal. After reading this Journal she discovers her possible fathers and invites these three men to her wedding hoping to find out who her true father is. Sophie’s mother, Donna who is played by Meryl Streep, tries to wrestle with past emotions and feelings as she has to deal with her past lovers showing up at her door step all wanting to win back her heart.

The movie focuses both on the daughter and her struggle to find who her true father is and her mothers drama with these three men. Though I would have to say Meryl Streep really gets most of the attention here as most of the musical breaks in song are focused on her as well as most of the screen time. Even in the end of the film it goes back to the focus on what happens with Sophie’s mom and her potential fathers. The end of the movie sort of threw me off as I didn’t think it would end the way it did. which I appreciate who wants to predict the end of a movie, that takes the fun out of watching, doesn’t it.

The movie did a good job on balancing the amount of singing scenes with the amount of regular acting scenes. If there is to much singing and not enough dialogue then I can sure get annoyed with a musical, glad this was not so. another positive about this film is the old italian home setting, seeing the villa and the culture and the beauty of where they lived. One thing that didn’t make this movie amazing was the whole story and what that was about. It just wasn’t for me, I definitely think that many people would enjoy it though. Especially a bunch of teenage girls at a sleep over, dreaming about getting married and love and stuff.

I haven’t really rated to many musicals but since it was a musical I am going to compare it only to musicals. This film gets a Six out of Ten.

Rating: 6/10



I was real excited about this movie as I am a big fan of Amy Schumer and her past film Trainwreck with her style of comedy sort of being nasty and disgusting. But this is what makes her funny and what also made her funny in the movie even more so. Goldie Hawn was hard to recognize in her old age and her share in making this movie funny was low. Other contributors to making you laugh were Amy’s brother, the uncaring government agent. the other two women at the hotel that offered to help save Goldie, and the fluke explorer guy who tries to guide them to safety.

Even though the possibility of getting kidnaped in a country such as Guatemala is real, it must not be that bad. These girls were not hurt in any way and really made escaping their kidnappers and the baddest man in the country seem pretty easy. The bad guys where really quite comical themselves in the ways they tried to get ransom and how simple it was to take them down.

Most of what makes this movie funny is not Goldie Hawn as she plays the mature, non crazy, safe mother. Its more Amy Schumer with her nip slips, drunkenness, and other disgusting things that she does and happens to her.

This is a good mother daughter movie as they both work things out and discover the fun they can have together. The brother also makes some leaps and bounds and I guess you could say by the end of the movie the whole family becomes a stronger unit.

I wasn’t really pleased by this movie as I thought I was going to be. But then again it wasn’t horrible and it did have some real funny parts that didn’t make it drag. My feedback to the director of this film would be to lose Goldie Hawn and get some body who still has some talent in there old age to make people laugh. This movie gets a Five out of Ten.

Rating: 5/10


Black Mass (2015)

black mass

Black Mass tells the true story of Whitey Bulger a infamous criminal of south Boston. Whitey Bulger partners with the FBI to take down some other groups of gangsters that he also wants out of the picture for protection from the FBI. Sounds like a win win for Whitey. Well part of the deal was that he could not kill anybody and that he could not be dealing drugs. Well being a psycho like Whitey is this didn’t last long as he pretty much killed and did what ever other crime he wanted to. This must have been worth it to the FBI or at least some of the members as they where being promoted and getting raises for getting the best intel they ever had. Eventually Whitey starts to burn out as all his crew gets caught and decides to rat on him for a lesser sentence.

This movie started off great looking like a real gangster film comparable to the Departed one of my favorite films of all time. It even had a Matt Damon look alike in it, (Jesse Plemons) who even plays a similar character in this film as he did in the Departed. Although as the film goes on you definitely get the since that this is not going to be near as good as the Departed.

Jonny Depp plays an outstanding criminal as he is just a real bad man. You can see how psychotic he is by how many people he kills and the ways he does it, killing his crew and basically just any body who happens to strike the smallest of nerves in this man. He’s smart, he’s evil, and he’s powerful as he controls the FBI and everybody around him.

Probably the best part of this movie was all the violence and killings other than that there wasn’t really much left to offer. The end of the movie dwindles down explaining the fate of Whitely Bulger and his crew members as well as some of the FBI agents who get involved in cover up his tracks.

You should watch this movie if you’re really into Jonny Depp or have a thing for biographies. If I would have truly known what this movie was worth before I had watched it I probably wouldn’t have gave it the time. If your looking for a Boston gangster movie with FBI agents trying to take them down I would stick to The Departed. Black Mass gets a  Five out of Ten.

Rating: 5/10


On the Road (2012)

on the roadCast: Sam Riley as Sal Paradise,  Garet hedlund as Dean Moriarty, Kristian Stewart as Marylou, Amy Adams as Jane, Tom Sturridge as Carlo Marx, Alice Braga as Terry, Elisabeth Moss as Galatea Dunkel, Danny Morgan as Ed Dunkle, Kirsten Dunst as Camille, Viggo Mortensen as Old Bull Lee.

This is a drama/comedy/adventure set in the late 1940s early 1950s and is about a group of friends  driving here and there around the United States trying to experience life and achieve other goals. Starting out in New York Sal and his friend Marx are both writers who meet this really exciting guy Dean. They both take fond of Dean’s fun and wild lifestyle and choose to hang around him and learn from him so that they can find inspiration to write.

One of the first things that bugged me about this one is how phony their clothes and things looked for the time this movie was trying to portray. They where so fake and unrealistic that it looked like they pulled these clothes and their other items right out of their own rooms themselves. There was really nothing old fashion about this film except for the cars a few bill boards and a black and white television. Well I guess the music too but even that sounded cheap.

It took me a while to figure out the plot behind this story and even now when thinking about it I can’t really say there was much of one at all besides Sal trying to find inspiration for his writing. Other than that, up until the end of the movie I honestly just thought this movie was about these young adults just being bums cruising from one place to stay to the next as they lived life acting wilder than hell traveling the country.

This movie truly did have it all though from steeling to cheating. You couldn’t find a seen where they weren’t smoking something. It would even make a fun drinking game if you had to drink every time some one smoked a cigarette or dubbie. No matter what they are doing or where they are going they are always drinking, smoking weed, or doing some of form of drug, and when they are not doing drugs they are screwing each other. He is screwing her, she is screwing him and them, He is screwing him and her at the same time, all the way to having orgies. Dean and Marylou are two of the same as they are both the biggest slut and man whore in the movie.

Probably my favorite part about this movie was the cast. Sal reminds me of a Leonardo Dicaprio look alike which was quite amusing. There were a bunch of surprise characters played by well known actors that pop up here and there throughout the film. Some of them even give slight references to their past characters they played in other movies, which I thought was clever.

This movie was long, but not boring, I did think there was a little to much of them driving around in the car, as probably half the scenes where shot in a car. But they do cover a lot of territory and there are many beautiful views of country side and old buildings and just that real type of stuff you would actually see on the road. With all that Said Im giving the movie a Six and a Half out of Ten.

Rating: 6.5/10









Addicted to Fresno


Talk about a movie you just want to run in the back ground so that your home doesn’t feel like a quiet place. What attracted me to this movie was ultimately Aubrey Plaza who I really learned to appreciate from the Parks and Recreation show. In this movie she plays a lesbian fitness coach who has a major thing for the chick in the middle of the photo above Martha played by Natasha Lyonne who is also a lesbian.

Basically this movie is about the two sisters (the girls on the left) trying to get away with accidentally killing this gross guy. But in the process they get blacked mailed into having to pay $25,000 dollars to make the body disappear or getting turned in to the authorities.

This movie is a comedy but is not by any means super funny. I think I giggled at one part in this film. It was sort of entertaining and was not to long so I was able to finish it out to the end. The story seemed to flow fairly nicely and it stuck to the plot.

Judy Greer plays Shannon who is the one sister who is struggling with a sex addiction and has come right out of rehab. Even though it didn’t seem to help her much because her therapist lover rigged the system so that she was released early. Shannon does a great job of playing this character as she just about screws every other man she meets and happens to be more crazy about having sex than the guys she is screwing.

The other sister Martha is really a good sister as she does everything she can to help her sex addicted sister to recover and then get away with the killing. Her main hang up is trying to find a girlfriend and even though she has her eye out for this one chick there is the fitness coach Kelly who she won’t give the time of day too.

The ways these girls try to come up with the money to pay off the black mailers is sorta funny despise the fact they pretty much fail at getting the amount of money they need. There lack of anxiety for the situation they get themselves into is quite surprising as they do a horrible job taking care of the dead body and spend most their time caring about their own personal lives.

Addicted to Fresno ends nicely with happy endings.. well for most people, at least the main characters. This film is really just average, with average people, in an average town, with normal lives, and average jobs. I guess it’s relatable, but this film didn’t really do much for me and I have seen a great number of better ones. This movie is worth receiving a Three out of Ten.

Rating: 3/10