Krampus (2015)


Do you like scary movies that also can be something to find a little bit funny, well this one is just that. This one takes a cast of comedians and sticks them in a not so jolly story. Most horror movies would not take a cast of comedians to be apart of an unhappy ending but it actually worked out for this movie as the actors could really act and throw in a little dash of comedy on the side.

Having all the family over for christmas the family has difficulties getting along with one another leaving a bitter vibe in this house. Pushing one of the little boys over the edge the boy gives up on trying to bring his family together and ends up bringing a curse upon his house hold with the anti Santa Claus demon leading the show.

I never really thought this movie would be any good based on the previews seeing all these comedians in this scary movie and it being about and evil Santa Claus character but it actually wasn’t that bad when watching it. What captured my attention was the way they kept the watcher guessing for answers. Allot of the movie at first is filled with suspense as they are trying to figure out what is going on. The blizzard is also a nice touch as it makes it difficult to see what exactly is happening.

The movie is full of creepy monsters and a frightful setting that makes a perfect concoction for a scary movie. There is no mercy for any of these family members from the little children to the old people creating even a more fearful feeling. Krampus’s little minions make this movie that much better as they are just as evil and ruthless as can be. It sort of reminded me of a bunch of Chuckys or gremlins causing havoc. The way they created how Krampus to look as the monster is also quite good and when ever you get to catch a glimpse of his face that is one of the most scares faces I ever seen. I bet it would make an excellent halloween mask.

The funny parts of this film really do make the frighting parts easier to bare as they are mixed in together really well. The family’s dynamics is quite hilarious as most families in movies are but this movie does not fail in this area by any means. There was also a lot to poke fun at when your watching the family fight Krampus’s little minions. I thought the movie ended well with the Krampus acting like he would show pity but he is as evil as he can be. The ending was also great as it throws your mind for a spin in wondering what actually happened to the family. This movie is watchable but only something that you might want to watch on halloween and without the kids I might add. This movie receives a Six out of Ten.

Rating: 6/10



Raising Arizona (1987) Dual Review

Raising Arizona 1

P: Being one of Nicolas Cages first movies, Raising Arizona to me was something of a gold mine, knowing that I was going to see some of his primal work. It was indeed fascinating to see how odd this movie was in combination with the low life characters. Many things I appreciated about this film were simple things like how nuts the characters were as well as the dynamics and interactions between them. The plot line actually being comical with this strange couple stealing a baby for no other reason than to just want to have and love it themselves. The way the film was shot gave it that cult classic vibe.

P: This is more along the lines of being a dark comedy if anything, knowing that your primarily laughing at their sad twisted way of trying to have a baby. So what this movie is about is this barren couple who happen to be not that swift, take desperate measures to quenching this ladies baby fever. Seeing that their very wealthy neighbors just poped out a litter of five they rationalize that they have to many babies to handle and decide to take one off their hands.

M: Nicholas Cage really plays the character well and plays an imbecile well.  He’s about 24 years old in this one and his acting is superior than most at this age.  You wouldn’t think it but he’s really better in his first movies than his later and most recent.  John Goodman is also in this one and he is like 30 at this point.  This is pre Roseanne Goodman and he really does a number in this one.  You see his success here, and looking at him now, you can tell his calling was for the acting department.  The rest of the characters didn’t do a thing for me, and didn’t really add much to the story.  The acting was subpar and not on the level of the two i have discussed.

P: You can find it pretty hilarious to watch this couple try and take care of this baby. For one they really don’t know what they are doing. Two, they just want to do all the fun stuff that comes with being parents of a child but when it comes to actually taking care of the child this is where its funny to watch them fail. Most of the laughs you will have probably will be at watching Nicolas Cage scramble around trying to take care of the bare necessitates  of having a baby, as well as his spouse yelling at him for being a bad father and screwing up so much.

M: The plot was very simple but very strange indeed.  Ed, the wife played by Holly Hunter is the only responsible adult in this film.  I felt sorry for her actually! But this element is equally hilarious!  My favorite parts are when Goodman gives Cage crap about being the man of the house.  He asks him on a couple occasions who wears the pants in the house whenever Cage is getting harassed by his wife about things.  The 80s comedies like this are one of a kind, a true treasure.

P: There is an additional element to this flick that adds just the right amount of edge to it. That is the bounty hunter biker dude. He’s known for killing anything in his path. And when I say anything I mean anything. This guy really puts the fear in Cage’s character as he knows that what he has done is getting more attention from the authorities and now this bounty hunter from his dreams is out for the hunt for him.

P: The movie does have a happy ending as all those involved in this rat race find out exactly where they belong and decide to make the adult decision. If your a big fan of Nicolas cages films this would definitely be one to watch as you get to see some of the best of him. He throws out some of his best voices, original one liners, and one of the most hilarious sloppy characters he has played yet. Im giving this movie a Six out of Ten.

M: So to wrap this up, let me just say I highly recommend it.  I think it takes someone with a special sense of humor to find this funny. Not everyone will like it.  If you don’t think early 90s Adam Sandler movies are funny then pass on this one because you will just think its very silly. Eight and a Half out of Ten

P. Rating: 6/10

M. Rating: 8.5/10

Final Rating: 7.25/10





The Rocker


A garage rock band made up of a few high schoolers brings on one of their band members uncles as a drummer. Waiting for another chance to make it to the top in a rock and role band, Fish the drummer is the bands ticket to making it big as he leads there way to the top.

It was finally nice to see something fun and different for a change when it comes to comedies. This movie took the simple quest of a young rock band moving up in the music world as a journey from something inconceivable to reality. The whole movie is simple yet full of all the fun parts of what being a rock band is all about. Each new milestone they hit is a first in their books and watching the rise of this band through the their eyes you get to experience the fun and exciting adventure.

The cast for this film was just about right, as it wasn’t really a top hit movie or anything. It  really was just to set the stage for these lesser known actors who are just trying to get their start. Rainn Wilson does a great job of playing Fish, the nobody ex rocker who lives with his mom and still can’t get over his failure in making it as a rockstar. Christina Applegate and Jason Sudeikis are also good choices as they balance the movie out by giving the audience some familiar faces. Emma Stone and Josh Gad are other excellent picks being how this was probably one of their earlier lesser known movies. There was also other great actors and actresses in this film that really filled it out pretty well.

The band was portrayed in a very real way as they showed to go through tough times and good times. They did a great job of showing support for one another as well as putting up with the old drummer. You could tell how much on different levels the old drummer was on compared to the rest of the band which was definitely part of the humor here. The bands manager also nailed his part on the spot as he played your stereotypical band manager.

One thing that stood out and made this movie special was how actually good the music was. You could say that a lot of the focus on this movie was about the music, which means those who appreciate good music should also have an ear for this movie.

The comedy in this movie was by no means blowing me away but it was sufficient. Where it could have been funnier it didn’t have to because, it had the aspects of concurring, victory, risk, and little bit of band drama.

The Rocker is really a great movie for a span of age groups and one that could be on the shelf for any families collection. Who would have thought it better than to take a concept similar to the School of Rock and mixing it with one of the greatest members from the Office of all time. I really enjoyed this movie and I feel it should be one of those to be part of every bodies movie collection. This movie rocks a Eight out of Ten.

Rating: 8/10


Alien: Covenant


So…. Michael Fasenberger is the main character in this film and WOW… I mean wow.  This film, is a quandary of horrible acting and inconceivable drudgery.  I could not wait until the rolling credits.  But i did like some of the darkness vibe and tone it gave off.  That made it somewhat cool and enjoyable but it still lacked some grit. Every single scene lack heart and it just feels like they are going through the motions.

Ridley Scott is the director of this film and you can see him reaching, trying to find his roots in the direction of this film, but i feel he falls short here.  Promethius, the pre sequel, was a decent film, certainly a better piece of work then this was.  The 1979 Alien will stand the test of time for when it came out, there really wasn’t anything like it.  It set people off into an adventure into a world of cutting edge SCFI that in my personal view, had surpassed Star Trek.  I really view Ridley as a legend, but its time to put this franchise to bed.

The acting was subpar, but Fasenberger was incredible as usual.  He has been good in most films thus far in his career, and even with this script that wasn’t designed for greatness, he makes it work.Danny McBride always plays the funny character but this is one of his more serious roles by a longshot!  I don’t like serious version of him at all. Lame.  Incredibly lame.  I mean, why cast him in this film?  It makes no sense to me.  He is not good at pulling off this type of acting and it really shows quite profoundly.  I just felt sorry for him honestly.

This movie is not worth the admission though.  If you are a diehard Alien fan and love Ridley, red box this one night in the near future when you are bored and have nothing to clll your time in a more productive fulfilling manner.

By: Mark Dupler

:Rating 3/10


In the Heart of the Sea

heart of the sea

This is another one of those Movies that I wanted to see in theaters buy I didn’t.. lets just say Im not to upset in my misfortune. The movie begins with a young writer trying to find his story to make it big. Well he hears of this amazing ship that went down by rumor of a giant whale. He finds one of the survivors of the ship and persuades him to tell his story, which the old sailor tries to refrain from, having had a belief that people would be ashamed of him.

Good actors such as Chris Hemsworth and Cillian Murphy star in this film and play the parts fairly well. Chris Hemsworth is always a good pick for a film played in an earlier time because of his history doing many movies in past time settings as well as his rugged look of a man.

Most of the exciting parts of this movie had to do with the sailors and seeing them do this dangerous job of working a sailing ship. It looked quite difficult and rough to say the least. Then there were the scenes with them hunting the whales. This too looked liked a brave task as they would throw the harpoon in the whale by hand and have to avoid being drug down to the depths of the waters by these mighty creators. The collecting of the blubber and what that all in tailed was also educational as well as discusting.

The movie sure did take a turn from where I was expecting it to go. I thought they where just going to be hunting the big ole whale. Of course I never read Moby Dick, So I didn’t really know what to expect. So half the movie is about them on the ship and then the other half is about them trying to survive the boat crash. This is where the movie started to get a little boring to me. Just watching them wither a way one by one out at sea. Though I still think they did a good job in featuring what survival out on the ocean might actually be like. They just made it go on for too long thats all.

Have you ever noticed how ridiculously big they have to make things now when they are doing a movie about a big animal or monster or whatever. Its like as long as the days keep going on the monsters in the movies will just keep on getting bigger to where its just ridicules. Just look at the trends in King Kong, or Godzilla, or even Jurassic Park. Well I am pleased to say they got this beast at least in the spectrum of reality. Quite a smart whale I would add, Moby Dick if that is his name. One thing that did not make since in this movie was why Chriss Hemsworth was trying to hunt down this giant whale in this tiny boat when he should have been focusing on surviving. Its not like your going to kill it anyways dude.

I though of two movies while I watched this, Master and Commander, and Cast Away. Really and easy way to sum this one up is that its a little of both. Its real similar to Master and Commander in the first half and kinda of like Cast away in the last half. There you go,so if you you seen both of those two movies there is really no need to watch this one.. HAHA!. I guess I just need to read Moby Dick now to see how close this movie lined up with the book the guy wrote about this story. This movie gets a Seven out of Ten.

Rating: 7/10

Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates


Staring: Zac Efron as Dave, Adam Devine as Mike, Anna Kendrick as Alice, and Aubrey Plaza as Tatiana.

An outragess comedy about two brothers who got a bad rap for wrecking wedding parties or any party for that matter. When their sister is up to have her wedding the brothers are forced to bring dates, “nice respectable girls”, who will occupy them and keep them in line from ruining this wedding.

The movie starts off by reviewing the past wedding experiences where you can see that these boys go hard causing more destruction than a good party, at least at the end of the night. They make up a plan to put an add out on Craigslist to get their dates for the wedding promising an all payed trip with them to Hawaii. Pretty good so far right. Well they interview a bunch of women who they find none to be worthy. Eventually their Craigslist add catches wind by the media and there little plan goes out for the US to see on TV. Then these two wild women who are just the opposite of the part these guys are looking for, act and dress the part of “nice respectable girls” so they can snag a free vacation.

This movie has no dull points and I am quite upset that I had to get up and take care of some quick things missing just a few minutes of this movie. Literally I found it difficult to find a slow moment in this movie to get up and do what I needed to do. I came to see resemblances in this movie to two other great comedies, Step Brothers, and Wedding Crashers. Step Brothers in that the two brothers and and their family dynamic in how they act and relate to one another is so similar, but it was not redundant to the point where they wore it out. In comparison to Wedding Crashers There is a similar story thats going on between the two guys and there dates. Were with one couple love is in the air and with the other couple there is a struggle in becoming close. Except for in this movie the roles are reversed sex wise.

So what stood out to me with this movie was how equally funny the two guys where and the two girls. Both of them shared the highlight of the comedy very well, at some point I even thought they where at tug of war with one another on who should get the trophy for most hilarious duo. What really surprised me was Aubrey Plaza’s performance. I don’t think I ever seen her so wild and rambunctious, not in a bad way but in a superb funny way. She really took it up a couple of notches from previous parts she has done and I would say it was her best performance.

This movie really has something for every body in it as they touch on pretty much every base of what people will find a good laugh at. For some reason I really didn’t here much talk about this movie or it being a top flic in the comedy realm. It might be because it did not get the best rating by popular critics such as: IMDb 6/10, Rotten Tomatoes: 35%, Robert Ebert: 1.5/4. Yeah not good scores. Well I would encourage you to give this movie a try and I bet you if you give it 10 minutes, you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen from the worry of missing any precious moment. This Movie deserves a Eight out of Ten.

Rating: 8/10

Cabin Fever (2016)

cabin-fever 1

Cabin Fever 2016 is a remake of Cabin Fever 2002, which means to me it should be betterIt should be better in the since that movies should become better over time as there is new technology, more knowledge and so forth on how to create a more scary feeling in the eyes of the viewer. I think they did a good job remaking Evil Dead as it was a lot more scarier than the previous one, but this movie seemed to not be any better, or the same, but in fact worse than the original.

Okay so it has been a while since I seen Cabin Fever 2002 But what I can remember of it was that it was scary and it did have good acting.. for the most part.  To make sure of my self I looked at the difference in ratings between the two versions and as confirmation to my memory it seems that the first version was a lot better.

This movie is about a group of young people that go on vacation to this cabin in the middle of the woods where there is a disease that causes there flesh to rot away. One after another they contract the disease no matter how hard they try not to catch it. They shun their friends that do have it but this even does not keep them from catching it. The situation is pretty much typical as in every scary movie. There is a group of about 5 people some are couples and some are singles. There is always the one weird guy of the bunch, The selfish guy who only cares about his own safety. and the rest are cheating couples. The local towns folk are always really weird and the vacationers always get the vibe from them like they are not suppose to be there and if they decide to stay they will probably die. And then there is the scary campfire story that is always told right before things start to get real. So basically what Im saying is there is nothing special about this setup.

Cabin fever 3

What did I not like about this movie, well pretty much everything. The acting was horrible. The flesh eating disease was not that disgusting. There was nothing scary about how they contracted it. It was really just a bunch of blood. The towns folk where probably the scariest part seeing how crazy they where. I never understood a lot of the characters. Like what was wrong with the butcher lady, The kid wearing the bunny mask, The sherif chick, and the strange weed smoking traveler out in the woods. They were really all very strange characters and I didn’t really understand their purpose other than to make the town super weird.

Even though I am still confused on what exactly this flesh eating disease really did to the people I think that I can conclude that it made people crazy, want to harm other people, and that it did not allow them to die very fast. I just think about the diseased dog and the sick man in the woods and how these decaying bodies are still alive and what the heck are they doing bothering these nice young people for. I got the since that maybe the town folk were in on it and wanted them to die in the woods but who knows, the director did not really do a good job of putting the pieces together.

Cabin fever 2

So this movie was just about as disappointing as ever, as I had really high hopes for it an all seeing how good the first one was. If you want to see a real good flesh eating disease movie, watch Contracted. Now that movie is sick. Also the most important think to take home from reading this review is, if you haven’t watched either of the two makes or have only watched the most recent 2016 remake, watch the 2002 version, it will be a better use of your time. This movie let me down, but I will be generous and give it a Four out of Ten just because I liked the old one.

Rating: 4/10