The Cold Dish: The First Novel In The Longmire Mystery Series (Book Review)


Mark: This book looked like a good one from the Barnes and Nobles and i knew it would have potential. The story unfolds with Walter Longmire, the sheriff of a small town in Wyoming.  I love Wyoming after visiting there so this made the story even better for me. Walter is hilarious to me, but also i feel sympathy for him, as he doesn’t have any family around and has been through some dark times.  He does have a good friend in Henry, a bar owner and indian in the town.   There are many other diverse characters as well as some that made you scratch your head.

Parker: I agree, the scenery depicted and the towns talked about paint a beautiful picture of the WY country side and small town life. In the beginning you are a little fuzzy on what the layout is and the ground to be covered in this book but as the story unfolds get a clear picture in your mind of setting the story is placed in. The towns and where they are at become real to you as if you were taking along with LongMire himself.

The book really didn’t catch my interest at first it was slow to start out and it really didn’t start to get interesting infill about page 120. But as the story progresses it gets more and more interesting leaving you with exciting cliff hangers at the end of every chapter.

Mark: I really like the dynamic between Vic the deputy and Walter.  She really is a firecracker she says whatever she wants and does whatever she wants. Walter really doesn’t know how to handle her and her style. As the story progressed i felt like Henry was the killer.  The story in the background is about four young men who did something mean to Melissa, an Indian back when they were in high school. Cody, George, Keller, and Jacob.  These young men play a vital part in this story throughout, so pay close attention readers.

Parker: The mystery was hard to solve but I am glad because the clues were always leading to a bigger more complex case. You can see the excitement in the characters when ever they get a new lead that re-vitalizes the cold dish. One thing I really appreciated about this book was the break of comedy it added to make the intermittent scenes fun and relaxing. Then there was all of the women that wear starving over Longmire, he basically had the whole woman population in his district of WY courting him. Remarkably he is a classy man and would never take advantage of a women, though that is hard to say about the women drooling over him.

Mark: In closing, let me just say that this book is not by any means a short read.  It took me a month.  400 pages, so not Lord of the Rings or anything that daunting. Midway through, you will become very engaged in the book and will have trouble setting it down.  It gets to be quite exhilarating and you will have to pay close attention to the details.  I did not like the first half, but the last half really was much better.  The characters are strong, and the author really puts his insights into it and you can feel him driving the narrative in the direction he wants it to go, which is quite a gift.  Put down the iPhone and read this and get lost in the story! I give this book a Six out of Ten.

Parker: Well it is my first book to read that is a series and is also a TV series. I can’t wait to see how this is going to play out on Netflix. So many firsts. ‘tears’.. This book gets a Seven out of Ten.

Rating: 6/10

Rating: 7/10

Total Rating: 6.5/10




Raising Arizona (1987) Dual Review

Raising Arizona 1

P: Being one of Nicolas Cages first movies, Raising Arizona to me was something of a gold mine, knowing that I was going to see some of his primal work. It was indeed fascinating to see how odd this movie was in combination with the low life characters. Many things I appreciated about this film were simple things like how nuts the characters were as well as the dynamics and interactions between them. The plot line actually being comical with this strange couple stealing a baby for no other reason than to just want to have and love it themselves. The way the film was shot gave it that cult classic vibe.

P: This is more along the lines of being a dark comedy if anything, knowing that your primarily laughing at their sad twisted way of trying to have a baby. So what this movie is about is this barren couple who happen to be not that swift, take desperate measures to quenching this ladies baby fever. Seeing that their very wealthy neighbors just poped out a litter of five they rationalize that they have to many babies to handle and decide to take one off their hands.

M: Nicholas Cage really plays the character well and plays an imbecile well.  He’s about 24 years old in this one and his acting is superior than most at this age.  You wouldn’t think it but he’s really better in his first movies than his later and most recent.  John Goodman is also in this one and he is like 30 at this point.  This is pre Roseanne Goodman and he really does a number in this one.  You see his success here, and looking at him now, you can tell his calling was for the acting department.  The rest of the characters didn’t do a thing for me, and didn’t really add much to the story.  The acting was subpar and not on the level of the two i have discussed.

P: You can find it pretty hilarious to watch this couple try and take care of this baby. For one they really don’t know what they are doing. Two, they just want to do all the fun stuff that comes with being parents of a child but when it comes to actually taking care of the child this is where its funny to watch them fail. Most of the laughs you will have probably will be at watching Nicolas Cage scramble around trying to take care of the bare necessitates  of having a baby, as well as his spouse yelling at him for being a bad father and screwing up so much.

M: The plot was very simple but very strange indeed.  Ed, the wife played by Holly Hunter is the only responsible adult in this film.  I felt sorry for her actually! But this element is equally hilarious!  My favorite parts are when Goodman gives Cage crap about being the man of the house.  He asks him on a couple occasions who wears the pants in the house whenever Cage is getting harassed by his wife about things.  The 80s comedies like this are one of a kind, a true treasure.

P: There is an additional element to this flick that adds just the right amount of edge to it. That is the bounty hunter biker dude. He’s known for killing anything in his path. And when I say anything I mean anything. This guy really puts the fear in Cage’s character as he knows that what he has done is getting more attention from the authorities and now this bounty hunter from his dreams is out for the hunt for him.

P: The movie does have a happy ending as all those involved in this rat race find out exactly where they belong and decide to make the adult decision. If your a big fan of Nicolas cages films this would definitely be one to watch as you get to see some of the best of him. He throws out some of his best voices, original one liners, and one of the most hilarious sloppy characters he has played yet. Im giving this movie a Six out of Ten.

M: So to wrap this up, let me just say I highly recommend it.  I think it takes someone with a special sense of humor to find this funny. Not everyone will like it.  If you don’t think early 90s Adam Sandler movies are funny then pass on this one because you will just think its very silly. Eight and a Half out of Ten

P. Rating: 6/10

M. Rating: 8.5/10

Final Rating: 7.25/10





Bread and Butter (2014) Dual Review


M: This film is about a thirty year old virgin red head who is very troubled by her lack of love life.  She is a receptionist at a counseling center.  Her boss is an egotistical nutcase that is concerned for her and especially for another young man who is also a virgin( that being the least important thing he’s dealing with!)  She is a very boring person and really does not have much going on in her life except for constant anxiety.  Ameila has a little crush on the troubled young man named Daniel, as does he have one on her.  Ameila also has a love for books that turns her life upside down.  One of the books she picks up leads her to a very eccentric  man named Leonard.  He’s left messages in the book so he can be found by the reader.  She eventually finds him and they start seeing one another.  He is a troubled atheist who is severely depressed and jobless.  Ameila is drawn by him because she is desparate too lose her virginity in storybook fashion. Daniel and her also progress in their relationship.  Who will she choose?

M: This film is not what its advertised to be at all. Hulu had it in the comedy section, but I did not laugh but a few times.  It’s more like a drama with a few chuckles along the way.  Ameilas character is a little annoying, and not the most likable.  Daniel is the most interesting character to me, and thats not saying much as he is rather dull.  But Leonard is presented as an intriguing character, but he doesn’t come off that way.  Rather, just a sad and disappointing human being.  Ameilas boss is somewhat funny, but annoying as the film continues.  The movie does a decent job on being realistic as far as the dialogue goes.  This is more of an indie film and it definitely has the vibe with its soundtrack.  What the film tries to accomplish, I’m not sure.  I just have one big takeaway.  If you are trying to make a film about filling the void of someones lack of love life, try doing a better job!

P: Ameilas obviously want’s a more fulfilling life for herself as she works at counseling office and has read every self help book there possibly is but she is not really doing a good job at this. She lacks self-esteem and self-worth as you can tell from her lack of using makeup, living at her parents, and being afraid to drive.

P: I don’t know how she ended up getting a boost in her dating life from her boss seeing that he is a major fluke portraying himself as a professional when really he is just a life coach, AKA I have no license to do what I am doing, but he actually can be called the cause of her success. Breaking so many ethical laws he tries to hook up his client with her, his assistant, and encourages to have sex saying that this is a healthy move. He takes it even a step further and at the end allows her to be his therapist.

M:  The only part i liked in this film was the scene where Daniel and Ameila are riding their bikes and run into Leonard unexpectedly.  You could cut the tension with a knife it’s so uncomfortable.  You really feel for her here, and don’t want her relationships to be ruined.  They all end up going out for drinks together and while they are sitting together, the suspense keeps you drawn in.  For me, i was pulling for Daniel to trump Leonard and get the girl.  He chugs his beer once he gets it and it made me laugh so hard!  As the viewer, you finally have something to care about in this film.

P: You get a hint that this Leonard is a real creeper and psychopath once Ameila meets him for the first time. But as the movie goes on you become more sure of your first impression. He weirdly starts to be possessive of Ameila and Ameila likes it. Really the most normal character in this film is Daniel who who is seeking help from the quack self help coach. But maybe Ameila is meant to be with this weird do as she is weird herself being obsessed with Pies and fantasizing about having sex with unknown men and having pies smeared all over her at the same time.

M: As the film draws to conclusion, we see Ameila move on from Leonard and Daniel.  The one success she has in the film is that she finally learns how to drive. Yes, you read that right.  She is terrified of driving, and in the ending scene, we see her driving  and enjoying herself.  So this is the reward the audience gets for enduring this torturous piece of work.  How anticlimactic  can the writers get?  Once the credits started rolling I was so happy that i had not spent my money at a theatre for this. This movie gets a Two out of Ten  

P: This Hulu film is just one laugh at rather than laugh with as your realize you have have to tear it apart rather than admire it for entertainment. This movie gets a Five out of  Ten

Parker’s Rating: 5/10

Mark’s Rating: 2/10

Combined Rating: 3.5/10