The Rocker


A garage rock band made up of a few high schoolers brings on one of their band members uncles as a drummer. Waiting for another chance to make it to the top in a rock and role band, Fish the drummer is the bands ticket to making it big as he leads there way to the top.

It was finally nice to see something fun and different for a change when it comes to comedies. This movie took the simple quest of a young rock band moving up in the music world as a journey from something inconceivable to reality. The whole movie is simple yet full of all the fun parts of what being a rock band is all about. Each new milestone they hit is a first in their books and watching the rise of this band through the their eyes you get to experience the fun and exciting adventure.

The cast for this film was just about right, as it wasn’t really a top hit movie or anything. It  really was just to set the stage for these lesser known actors who are just trying to get their start. Rainn Wilson does a great job of playing Fish, the nobody ex rocker who lives with his mom and still can’t get over his failure in making it as a rockstar. Christina Applegate and Jason Sudeikis are also good choices as they balance the movie out by giving the audience some familiar faces. Emma Stone and Josh Gad are other excellent picks being how this was probably one of their earlier lesser known movies. There was also other great actors and actresses in this film that really filled it out pretty well.

The band was portrayed in a very real way as they showed to go through tough times and good times. They did a great job of showing support for one another as well as putting up with the old drummer. You could tell how much on different levels the old drummer was on compared to the rest of the band which was definitely part of the humor here. The bands manager also nailed his part on the spot as he played your stereotypical band manager.

One thing that stood out and made this movie special was how actually good the music was. You could say that a lot of the focus on this movie was about the music, which means those who appreciate good music should also have an ear for this movie.

The comedy in this movie was by no means blowing me away but it was sufficient. Where it could have been funnier it didn’t have to because, it had the aspects of concurring, victory, risk, and little bit of band drama.

The Rocker is really a great movie for a span of age groups and one that could be on the shelf for any families collection. Who would have thought it better than to take a concept similar to the School of Rock and mixing it with one of the greatest members from the Office of all time. I really enjoyed this movie and I feel it should be one of those to be part of every bodies movie collection. This movie rocks a Eight out of Ten.

Rating: 8/10



Author: Parker The Critic

I like watching movies. But more importantly I like reviewing them.

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