Alien: Covenant


So…. Michael Fasenberger is the main character in this film and WOW… I mean wow.  This film, is a quandary of horrible acting and inconceivable drudgery.  I could not wait until the rolling credits.  But i did like some of the darkness vibe and tone it gave off.  That made it somewhat cool and enjoyable but it still lacked some grit. Every single scene lack heart and it just feels like they are going through the motions.

Ridley Scott is the director of this film and you can see him reaching, trying to find his roots in the direction of this film, but i feel he falls short here.  Promethius, the pre sequel, was a decent film, certainly a better piece of work then this was.  The 1979 Alien will stand the test of time for when it came out, there really wasn’t anything like it.  It set people off into an adventure into a world of cutting edge SCFI that in my personal view, had surpassed Star Trek.  I really view Ridley as a legend, but its time to put this franchise to bed.

The acting was subpar, but Fasenberger was incredible as usual.  He has been good in most films thus far in his career, and even with this script that wasn’t designed for greatness, he makes it work.Danny McBride always plays the funny character but this is one of his more serious roles by a longshot!  I don’t like serious version of him at all. Lame.  Incredibly lame.  I mean, why cast him in this film?  It makes no sense to me.  He is not good at pulling off this type of acting and it really shows quite profoundly.  I just felt sorry for him honestly.

This movie is not worth the admission though.  If you are a diehard Alien fan and love Ridley, red box this one night in the near future when you are bored and have nothing to clll your time in a more productive fulfilling manner.

By: Mark Dupler

:Rating 3/10



Author: Parker

I'm a biblical counselor writing on relevant counseling topics from a biblical perspective. I write reviews on movies, shows, and books.

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