Mean Girls 2


I just saw this movie on TV last night and thought to my self “well that sounds cool”, remembered how good the first Mean Girls was, and decided I would just have to give it a try no matter how uncool it might actually be.

This movie is basically just like the first in that it tells relatively the same story with a new generation of girls. If you can remember the first Mean Girls it ends with a new group of underclass women moving up as the new Plastics at the school. So in this movie the new girl is the new hot cool girl on campus. She is french, a daddy’s girl, and knows how to work on cars. Choosing not to join the plastics after being invited she chooses to help the biggest loser girl at her school out of compassion. This friendly act of kindness turns into a source of income for her college tuition from the loser girls father who pays the new girl to be her friend. The new girl and the loser girl start to become popular as they stand up for themselves against the attempts of the plastics to ruin their lives. The rest of the movie is just them battling it out against each other for who is most popular even though it began as just the new girl wanting to stand up for herself and her friends.

Mean Girls 2 definitely does not stand up to the first Mean girls. One thing that i didn’t like right from the beginning where the girls they used for the cast. I mean they looked like they pulled these girls strait off of Disney Channel, they just didn’t look cool enough. Another thing that bothered me was that they pretty much used the exact same story line and some of the lines from the script were exactly the same from the the first movie. I mean they switched it up hear and there with the background story of the new girl and how she becomes friends with the less popular crowd but basically everything els was exactly the same.

This movie was a little bit more G rated than PG 13. It did not have as much sexual content and like I said, it probably could have been on Disney Channel. They just did not put enough time into this movie as the acting was cheap and the scenes were everything but original. No wonder it didn’t make it to theaters. One thing they did step it up on was how ruthless these mean girls could be. I seriously think they took it to a whole new level here. Not really surprising seeing how teenage girls are these days at school with the newer age  media technology.

I was down right disappointed in this movie hoping that it might be like Mean Girls in how great that movie was but it did not even come close to suffice. The only thing they did right in keeping with the first was the principle. The principle is the same from the first movie and I think he alone held this movie together as being a sequel. I would give Mean Girls a nine out of ten and Mean Girls 2 in comparison a Three out of Ten.

Rating: 3/10


Author: Parker The Critic

I like watching movies. But more importantly I like reviewing them.

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