I was real excited about this movie as I am a big fan of Amy Schumer and her past film Trainwreck with her style of comedy sort of being nasty and disgusting. But this is what makes her funny and what also made her funny in the movie even more so. Goldie Hawn was hard to recognize in her old age and her share in making this movie funny was low. Other contributors to making you laugh were Amy’s brother, the uncaring government agent. the other two women at the hotel that offered to help save Goldie, and the fluke explorer guy who tries to guide them to safety.

Even though the possibility of getting kidnaped in a country such as Guatemala is real, it must not be that bad. These girls were not hurt in any way and really made escaping their kidnappers and the baddest man in the country seem pretty easy. The bad guys where really quite comical themselves in the ways they tried to get ransom and how simple it was to take them down.

Most of what makes this movie funny is not Goldie Hawn as she plays the mature, non crazy, safe mother. Its more Amy Schumer with her nip slips, drunkenness, and other disgusting things that she does and happens to her.

This is a good mother daughter movie as they both work things out and discover the fun they can have together. The brother also makes some leaps and bounds and I guess you could say by the end of the movie the whole family becomes a stronger unit.

I wasn’t really pleased by this movie as I thought I was going to be. But then again it wasn’t horrible and it did have some real funny parts that didn’t make it drag. My feedback to the director of this film would be to lose Goldie Hawn and get some body who still has some talent in there old age to make people laugh. This movie gets a Five out of Ten.

Rating: 5/10



Author: Parker The Critic

I like watching movies. But more importantly I like reviewing them.

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