The Young Messiah (2016)


People might think. Oh its just another movie about Jesus, but this one is different. The Young Messiah is unlike all the other movies about Jesus in that it attempts to provide an account of Jesus’s life before his ministry that is told in the gospels of the Bible. The movie starts out with the birth of Jesus and then skips ahead 7 years to where this story takes place with child Jesus. There is not much of a plot to this movie, but to represent the life of Jesus as a child at the age of 7 and what that might have looked like. The representation they give can not be held with much truth as the story told in this movie is not part of the scriptural cannon and therefore cannot be considered as being fact. Non the less these things have a possibility of bing true which makes this movie to be pretty interesting and thought provoking.

The inferences they made and the conclusions they drew to create the life of young Jesus were clean and well taken in the way they took the history and what the scripture actually tells us about Jesus to get as close to a true account of his young life as possible. Supposedly after 7 years of thinking that the Messiah was killed by Herod’s raid at the time Jesus was born there is rumors in Israel that there is one who is doing unheard of miracles like never before. This is the first questionable truth about this movie, was Jesus doing miracles at this age? It is hard to say if he was but the idea of him doing miracles at the age of seven before he started his ministry is not impossible. Though you might think if he was going around healing a bunch of people and bringing dead people back to life he would be kind of starting his ministry and once you start doing things like that it is hard to hold back and just stop not continuing flourish from there. This is one of those aspects of the movie that make it hard for me to believe as being accurate. Another part of the movie takes the one account that was actually mentioned in the scriptures about his youth and twists it to be similar but obviously not the same story as we here in scripture. In the gospels it mentions a short story from Jesus’s adolescent years where he is lost by his parents after returning from Jerusalem and the passover celebration. Jesus’s parents had left Jesus back in Jerusalem assuming that he was with the group when actually he had stayed back to question the rabbi’s about scripture. Now in this movie he is probably half the age of what he would have actually been when this happened and instead of getting left behind on the way back home, he goes ahead of his parents on the way there. This again is hard to put stock in as actually happening when we would think that Jesus would not trouble his parents twice with the same situation.

Besides the falsifiability of the claims made about Jesus’s youth there are many pleasing aspects about this movie. One piece that I found quite appreciative of, was the characters close representation to the true people we find in the Bible and how the gospel presents their personalities and characteristics. It is surprisingly believable that this was the way that the people in Jesus’s life and even Jesus himself would have interacted, felt, and thought according to the way they did in this movie. It was also neat to see some of the less mentioned family members in Jesus’s life that you don’t here to much about in the scriptures, for Instance the brother of Jesus, James, and his uncle Cleopas. These characters were very interesting in the ways of what there personalities were like and how they interacted with young Jesus.

The protagonist of the film is Herod, and the Devil. These characters help give the film its story line as they try to destroy the young messiah that has now come on the scene stirring things up in Isaiah. The Devil was given the correct amount of power and a accurate way of how he was using it to destroy this boy who was doing nothing but good by possessing Herod to have the boy found and killed. Though where I think the movie went wrong was making the Devil not being able to recognize that Jesus was the son of God. In the Bible the Devil and his demons know exactly who Jesus is as they proclaim and shout out that Jesus is the son of God. What the movie did do well is in the way they revealed that Herod was in fact possessed, which was very clever and symbolic.

Despite the faults in accuracy to what scripture tells us the movie did a good job in sticking to the development of Jesus into coming into understanding who is was and whathis purpose was. It presented him with accurate attributes of the true Christ and a clear picture of how he may have developed into the full grown man Jesus that we read about in scripture. Jesus was shown to have great power and wisdom as a child and this was what I actually might think would have been true about him. This was a great movie about Jesus unlike any of the many other ones out there on him and it is enjoyable and heart warming to watch as it will raise your spirits about our good Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I give this movie a Seven out of Ten





Author: Parker The Critic

I like watching movies. But more importantly I like reviewing them.

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