Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the wilderpeople

I made a real good pick this time. I Woke up super early sunday morning around 5am, and I wanted to watch a movie. Not being able to watch one on the satellite tv as I usually do, because of it being to loud and waking everybody up, decided to hack into my sisters Hulu account after remembering that she left her email open on my computer. So I went into her email and reset her Hulu password to be able to get into the account. By the way, I told her and she forgave me.

I didn’t want to waist to much of my morning away because it was a special time and I really should have spend it worshiping Jesus but I was lazy so i decided to pick a shorter movie. It was either this or Thelma and Louise which was about 40 minutes longer of a movie. I guess I will put that one for next time on my list because it did look good.

The cover of the movie was quite attractive and this is what made me choose it over others. At first I thought it sort of looked like a child’s movie but then I saw that it was rated PG 13 and I rationalized that it couldn’t be that childish. The movie waists no time starting off, it gets right into the story without having any of that extra nonsense that you don’t really care to see because it just fills the time to make the movie seem more impressive.

This is a 2016 film that is based in the New Zealand Bush, which is like the wilderness. The main character is an orphan boy who can’t seem to stay with any of the the foster parents that happen to take him. He is a trouble maker and he is on his last straw. He has one more chance for it to go well with him and his foster parents before he is put in juvenile detention. The final family that takes him in lives at a house in the hill country right next to the bush and it is like no where the kid has ever been before. Being the gangster that he thinks he is he has spent most of his time in the in cities and looks up to rappers and gangsters as his role models. The kid tries his best not to fit in with the family by making it difficult for the foster parents to know him. Yet the foster mother wins him over with her understanding and love for him. Finally when the boy feels like he has a family and he wants to stay something unfortunate happens and he is forced to return back to the welfare agency. This is truly where the excitement begins as the boy and his foster father go into the bush to deal with their problems.

The country side alone makes beautiful scenery for the movie of the New Zealand bush. There is a father to son like bond that is formed between the boy and his foster father that could only be done by spending time helping each other in the bush. The boy learns from his foster father how to survive out in the bush and the father learns how to deal with his issues of resentment and loss from the boy. The two of them make a great team as they take down their rivals who are trying to capture them for running away from the government.

The film is filled with comedy and silly characters that make the movie truly entertaining and without a dole moment. There are sad parts that will make you cry because of loss and there are parts that will just make you tear up because of joy. The relationship between the boy and his foster father is strong in the end to where it makes the boy take desperate measures to keep their relationship alive. Even though for a time they can not be together and the boy does find a great home with a good father figure and girl his age that he he sort of has a crush on, he chooses to reunite with his original foster father for new adventures.

One of the ridicules parts about the movie is how far the welfare agency takes it to retrieve the boy and capture his foster father. They look to have the hole military police force and country looking for them relentlessly for 5 months. Though I guess that is one of the things which makes this movie funny because for the longest nobody can catch them. they pretty much are like the greatest outlaws at that time in the New Zealand Bush.

I think this movie was great and I would recommend it for anybody to watch. It had me laughing so much and at the same time having so many other emotions that it gave me a a rocking experience. The adventures they went on were great and the scenery was beautiful to see. The story was amazing and had a lot of neat characters. I would have really wanted to read the book before i saw the film, if there was one because I think the book would have been even better. The whole time I was just imagining what the book would have been like. The reason why I think it might be a book is because the movie is split up into chapters. But yes extravagant and top notch film, Im giving it a Eight and a Half  out of Ten.

Rating: 8.5/10


Author: Parker The Critic

I like watching movies. But more importantly I like reviewing them.

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