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This a comedy/romance that has to do with two different couples coming together. Well there actually is a third single lady that is in the story and ends up meeting someone. Oh and two side characters that end up getting together but the movie is mainly about these two couples. For being made in the year it was made in ‘1992’ it is actually a decent film and I’m not all for romances that much But they always seem to trick me into watching them. Any ways, each individual single in the film is struggling with their own separate and different relationship issues based on past relationships that went wrong and so forth. And yet they each have their own way of meeting their special person in knowing what they want in a relationship and how to get it. Each character mirrors a different personality when it comes to the dating side of ones self. I personally saw pieces of different people that I happened to know in how they went about the dating game. The rocker/musician is the guy you might know who acts like he doesn’t really care about his relationship because he has so many women dyeing over him. And he doesn’t realize what he has lost and what he once had till its gone and then tries to chase after her because now he truly knows how much she meant to him. Then you have the desperate girl who will pretty much do anything to meet a guy because she has spent to much time alone in her life to go on any longer. But she doesn’t find mister right until some man admires her unique and individual weirdness that no one else cared for before hand. These are some of the struggles that are shown in this film that singles go through. They are real and accurate and you can relate. At some points during the film you might even find some wisdom that speaks to you and your relationship life.

I found it interesting how all the singles and character either know each other or end up knowing each other in the end and how all the different story ties are woven together to make since. I thought this was a cool aspect of the film and something that brings the story a more comforting feeling to it. The music was indeed good as I heard lots of great hits that I love and which really brought color to the story. Most the songs were that of rock and grunge that really match the theme of the movie. That being with Matt Dillon being a rocker and all the singles going to rock shows throughout the film as if that were their main hangout. Another neat aspect of the film was the cool film shots and places where they film seems took place. The main apartment building they kept on showing that had a sign out that said “for singles” was really a neat little complex and again gave off that happy feeling as if you wanted to live there yourself.

Being a romance an all, the movie kind of lost my attention at times but with some comedic relief I was able to bare through it. Another positive I liked about this film is that there was many wise things to learn about relationship and how they work. How people think about the people they are romantically attractive to. I would have enjoyed a little bit more comedy than there actually was but the film wasn’t a comedy and Im going to have to deal with that. The film was still neat anyway and I would say its worth watching for a group of girl friends or for a couple as movie night. Now for the final decision Im going to give this film a Six out of Ten.

Rating: 6/10


Author: Parker The Critic

I like watching movies. But more importantly I like reviewing them.

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