There was not really much to choose from last night on cable but this film caught my interest more than the rest. Seeing that it was based in the 1950s is what probably made me want to watch it more than whatever else was on. Something about how stuff looked back then and the cars and technology and how so much different it was to how it is now  always makes a movie more fun to watch. Along with this element going for it, The movie also portrays how love and attraction toward a person is a very strong force. The main character in this film is a jewish boy who goes to college to be a lawyer. While at this college he is very self centered and head strong for no one but himself. The boy once being able to getaway with being so independent at home in the comfort of his family, no longer can as he experiences the need to get along with people and work things out with people in a forced society. Although the boy never does learn and stays in his ways which ultimately leads him to his ruin, there is the strong force of love which he has for this one girl who admires his strong pride and boldness to speak his mind. The boy is taken by the girls beauty and high upbringing which ultimately attracts him to her but he misses the fine print about her. All the boys logic and rational thinking are blown out the window for a girl, a girl who will bring him to his falling.

At this time and era in america girls sensuallity was not at all a common thing but something that was definitely frond upon. Right from the get go the boy gets a taste of what this girl is capable of and doesn’t know what to think. Like any right minded man of that time he wrestles with the idea of what to think about her and if he should continue seeing her or not. Ignorantly the boy misses the clues that she has mental issues and even after she hints at them and tries to tell him the truth he continues to want her more and more despite the fact.

It is left a mystery what true psychiatric problems the girl is dealing with but what ever it is, it  is manipulative and destroying. The boys mother does not miss how broken and destructive this girl will be for his sons life and like any good mother she tries to steer him toward his best interests.

The boy tries to rational that the girl is the way she is based on the inference that her parents must be divorced. This girls family and life parallels the boys own parents who begin to have marriage problems after he moves away to college. His mother speaks of his father starting to change and act strangely as if he him self is starting to lose his mind and go psychotic. This pain the mother feels from the father losing it, is what makes her super protective of her son from falling into the same problem. The son does take the mothers advice and decides to stay away from the girl. But the strength of love is to strong and sends him looking for her. Unfortunately it is too late by the time he goes searching for and that he finds out she is back in the mental hospital from a nervous breakdown. the Boy struggles with this as being he fault or not and after realizing what happened to his love he makes a bunch of bad decisions that brings his life to an unfortunate ending.

Not much is said about the boys parents and what happened to them. And the movie is even unclear to what happens to the boy. There is a glimpse from a scene that leaves you guessing if this is a dream or actually the boys life. And on the girl, well its clear what happened to her but there are clues at the end that hint why she lost it and is now permanently in a state of mental psychosis.

The other part of this film has to do with the title indignation. This is fueled by the school dean and his push on the boy for what he thinks the boy should be as a developing young man. Most of there differences have to do with the underlying need for religion which is hinted at as they talk and his push for his students to attend chapel. This in turns deeply pushes the boys temper. The boy being an atheist takes the deans inquiries about his side on matters of God and forcing him to go to chapel as an impingement on his rights. Being as the boy is stern in standing up for his rights speaks his mind to the dean as if he where not his superior. Then again the boys character makes and end of him.

The movie is really quite sad and strange. It makes us think that we should not try to be like this boy with his prideful character. Even though I would have to say the movie was well made for what it was, it wasn’t one of my favorites by any means and I only decided to finish it to write this post. I will never again watch this movie and I will not recommend it for any type of movie occasion. I give Indignation a five out of ten 

Rating: 5/10


Author: Parker The Critic

I like watching movies. But more importantly I like reviewing them.

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