I was stumbling through the movie channels this morning, thats the time when I usually spend wasting my precious time watching TV or in this case movies, When I stumbled across Nerve. You see, when I am trying to choose what movie to watch one of the first things I look for is the cast and year. This tells me allot about the movie. First a great cast can make all the difference in how good or bad a movie will be. Well in this case I am a huge fan of Dave Franco and I have heard of and maybe even seen Emma Roberts before which indicated to me that this might have a good chance in being a decent film. Then I considered the year. 2016 was a decently good year for movies. I have noticed by the movies i have watched that came out in this year that they tended to be pretty good. Plus if your not watching a classic then a fresh film is always worth something to consider because it offers new and unseen filmography which always draws my interest. So, having this movie on my list and it just starting I had just about two to three minutes to scan the channels for any other possible contenders. Heck, to be honest I didn’t really want to get rapt up into a two hour movie to start my day. I just wanted a quick fix of easy entertainment to enjoy as I sipped my usual morning hot tea and ate my white powdered donuts. Any rate while I was doing all of this I was thinking about the synopsis I just read which sounded exciting. Something about people playing a game that had them do dares. Okay, so that interesting and different. With that going though my head and flipping through the channels while a little tiny box in the right upper hand corner of the TV was playing this film ‘Nerve”, I could not take my eye off it. There were so many amazing colors and neon light that just drawled me in  and made if feel exciting and new aged. And right off the bat about 5 minutes into it the plot begins, she starts the game. Okay, at this point I am hooked. I flirted with the bait and I took it. Now the film has my full attention.

You have seen movies about games and about risk and about thrill but this one has a certain edge to it. It is like ‘Tron’ in all the neat neon lights that really make the movie futuristic and new age and at the same time a little bit like ‘Final Destination’ in that there is death waiting for its moment to strike at every turn. What kept me interested in this movie was that I did not no where it was going until half way through and what I though I had in mind to where the plot was going was wrong. Basically at first I did not give the movie the credit it was worth because where it ended up going was so much better.

Nerve has a great mix of excitement, thrills, and love. Its exciting in the sense that you get to watch people do these dares that you would never do yourself unless you were on the crew of Jackass or unpractical pranksters. But what I enjoyed about the dares is that they were not unrealistic like so many movies try and throw at you. You know what Im talking about, a bunch of junk they try to project that you know could never really happen, but this movie sticks to reality.

Unlike some movies that are about games people choose to play and regret like ‘Saw’, ‘Tron’, and ‘Would You Rather’ the game people play in this movie is very real in the sense  that it could easily be done. The concept is so simple yet so ingenious it makes you think twice about what you choose to join and sign up on online.

This movie was fun In the aspect that its not just people playing some sick game and slowly dyeing off because there is no hope left for them to escape. No, like I said earlier there is love, partnership, and the chance for good to concur the evil. Plus most the time they are just having fun doing harmless dares which is fun and entertaining to watch. But there are many other characters beside the main two who are played by the actors I mentioned in the beginning. and they all play a role and a part in the big picture which I liked.

Anybody between their teens and young thirties would enjoy this movie most. With all considered I possibly would watch this movie again with a friend if asked or if there was nothing else on and I was desperate to watch something. Overall I would recommend this movie for those to see. I give it a Seven out of Ten

Rating: 7/10


Author: Parker The Critic

I like watching movies. But more importantly I like reviewing them.

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